Are drone attacks against specific targets a necessary part of modern warfare?

  • Drones are needed

    Drones are unpiloted by man thus saving a mans life they are fuel efficient and ca be useful in moder warfare like in a world war or in a civil war. If you really think about it drones can save lives more than they will take them. Drone attacks are important

  • Drone attacks r good...

    Drone attacks r good... Many people say drone attacks are not a good thing. But what about all the people who lose their brothers, who lose their fathers or lose their husbands in man-to-man wars. More people die in wars that consist of only men rather than machines that do not even have anyone inside. So what would be the loss if an unmanned, mechanical machine is destroyed? Wouldn’t it be safer if we did not put our countries military in the battle field and keep them out of harm’s way. Wouldn’t that save more lives on whichever side that owns and is using the drones. Fewer families would grieve over their dead relatives and the battles would be over sooner than they started. Drones can allow us to secure dangerous threats while at the same time getting some valuable information about how best to proceed against in the war against terror and prevent future attacks. Anyways, what other defense do Pakistan and other countries have against terrorists and the Al-Qaeda? Once again I would like to say that drone attacks could save innocent lives and demolish the terrorist threats. They are the only weapons we can use to completely wipe the terrorist threat. Al-Qaeda has been taking innocent lives for too long. This is why I believe that we can save our own lives and drone attacks are also building a sense of unity between all the countries that are trying to wipe out the terrorist and Al-Qaeda threat and we are all learning how to work together to get rid of a bad element. Drone attacks are very accurate, more accurate than an airplane bomb attack or artillery attack. A drone attack is usually targeted on terrorist strongholds which are usually in remote areas such as caves, deserts, mountains, etc. This is why there are lesser chances of a civilian getting threatened by a drone attack. Hope this helped :D

  • Drones reduce lives lost , just as destroying land mines reduces lives.

    Some things are good facts. People that own guns are more likely to be shot, so don't own a gun. Drone attacks are a fact that they diminish the likelihood of human deaths. At the worst case, the ends justifies the means, and since the USA is ideally acceptable to support anti-terrorist interests, the drone is simply a good tool to use to that end.

  • Drone attacks save lives.

    I believe that drone attacks against specific targets are a
    necessary part of modern warfare.
    Politically, drone attacks are good because the make it easier for the
    American people to commit to go to war.
    Drone attacks save American lives because the equal less boots on the ground
    and therefore less American casualties.

  • Drone attacks reduce the chance of troop casualties doing things the traditional way, and are the future.

    If you can accomplish things with a drone against a armed target versus using actual troops, why wouldn't you take that choice?
    You are putting less people at risk of dying on your side, and the fact is warfare is always evolving, people used to use swords and shields, then they started using guns, and now we are using drones and mechanized warfare to more safely attack more ever than before.

  • Results in the death of civilians

    Drones , apart from clearing terrorists, also affect civilian lives and property damage.
    Drones have always shown their inaccuracy and unreliability in many situations for example the US had admitted conducting drone attacks in Mosul resulting in the deaths of around 200 civilians. Even though lives are saved by sending drones , it is compensated by the deaths of civilians.

  • Drones killing civilians

    Drones apart from clearing terrorists without humans actually going there can also cause the deaths of innocent civilians and damage to property which is not desirable.
    Drones have proven its inaccuracy in several situations for example the US has admitted that they had conducted drone attacks in areas resulting in the deaths of around 200 civilians.

  • Drone Attacks are expensive, uncesssary and a waste of Resources. And are used by people who have no right to be there justify's my claim.

    My name is Reese, and I believe that Drones and War in general is not justified by any means. Drone Attacks are a waste of Government Resources, especially if the people have no right to be in that region like the US. The cost of producing these Drones is not worth the blood spilled on the battlefield. The problems of War and Drone Attacks are not at all justified.

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