Are drone strikes helping the USA fight terrorism?

  • We can eliminate killers without loosing American troops.

    In a drone strike we can kill terrorists without loosing our own troops. Terrorists can be quickly and safely eliminated by unmanned drone strikes. We have to come to the recognition that the terrorist threat is very real and that terrorists will kill Americans without discretion. This is the threat of our generation. We must do whatever we can to end this war.

  • No, wtf never.

    True, drone strikes will elminate killers without loosing American troops but it can also eliminate innocent women and children. Americans just think about protecting themselves and they get involved in other countries for no reason what so ever. USA bombed a place claiming that it was a 'terrorist HQ' but then they realized it was just a village and there was a causalities of 2,000 men, women and children.

  • They are in fact hindering us .

    First of all drone strikes are immoral. Killing innocent women and children and and calling them necessary casualties of war is not justifiable in any way possible.

    What image is the US showing to the people who live in fear that a drone strike might kill them, their fathers or their brothers? If the US does this how does this make them better than the terrorists they condemn for doing these same actions?

    It breeds resentment and terror. A kid whose family member has been killed in a drone strike will go out and fight the US. A whole generation like this is growing up which hate the US so in the end you are killing one terrorists but making two more.

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