• Drones as cool as they are need to have restrictions.

    Drones over all are a very cool tool, but don't have many restrictions placed. One of my friends says well technically drones aren't on your land. I returned with well would you like to have a dude on a hover board stroll into your yard and check you out from your window. Drones are cool, but people are going to use them indecently in the end, so it's the best of ideas to just restrict them.

  • Yes, something needs to be done to keep all the drone activity in check.

    Initially, the improvement of drone technology was pretty exciting. Being able to send such a small craft on extremely long distance trips unmanned is an impressive feat, and it has allowed hobbyists and researchers to capture some pretty spectacular footage of earth's more remote locations. But at some point you have to admit that the primary use for this technology is spying, and we absolutely must do something to check this trend.

  • Drones are scary

    I would be freaked out if I saw a drone flying in my neighborhood. It has a camera, so it is an invasion of privacy. I don't see the point of these things and bet lots of creeps are taking advantage of these things to spy on unknowing individuals often.

  • They are good for safety.

    No, drones are not being overused to spy on people, because I have not heard that they are being used domestically on American citizens. If drones are used to spy on our enemies, and people who want to hurt us, it is an effective way to keep our people safe without endangering American lives.

  • Not Sure About Overused

    Overused seems to be a bit much, but the future certainly seems like drones will be everywhere. There are some practical uses currently and in future planning, but spying on others seems like it will be the preferred use. Drones are in the infancy stage right now, but the growth will be quick and unlikely to be prevented.

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