• Clearly they are at least for some purposes

    Why is this even a question? Whether or not drones are legal is not a matter of opinion.

    The question "SHOULD drones be legal?" would be better.

    And I really didn't need very many words to mention that. This is just a ridiculous question. IS and OUGHT are different things, so recognize that in your speech.

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  • Not Neccesarily for Warfare or Targeted Killings

    The definition of a drone is simply a vehicle that does not require humans to operate. Amazon drones fit in this description. The drones in the negative's argument is limited to those of which are military drones. Drones include non-military drones. So the negative's argument is completely not on topic.

  • Drones Are Legal

    Yes, drones are presently legal under United States law. As such, drones are used in combat scenarios, and this saves lives as the pilot is safely at a control station rather than flying in a plane and risking death. Also, drones are soon to be used stateside for delivery of products.

  • Drones or Sanctioned Assassins?

    Drone warfare is a recent phenomenon in the 'American War On Terror'. Drones are not legal due to the fact that they kill living targets without convicting them or a crime first. Some may say that we are at war and we don't need to convict all soldiers of the opposing side. However, drones are being used in countries that we are currently not at war with and have already been found to kill civilians as well. Drone attacks should be illegal.

  • We should not ban drones.

    They should not ban drones because its a toy for little kids.Also drones helps us look up from a sky point of view and it can help us take picture from a sky point of view.Kids love playing with planes and with camera you can record thing better and in a better view.

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