• Yes, drones are the future.

    I think that drones are the future of warfare. I think that it is only a matter of time till most wars are fought with drones. They are a technological advancement that will help to prevent deaths of soldiers. But I do think that people will always be a part of every war.

  • Yes, they probably are.

    We probably do not need to be involved in as many wars as we always are, but being human beings and having politicians in office we most likely always will be. As people do not like sending young men into the trenches, drones are the next step, although they are likely to backfire on us.

  • To A Degree

    I believe drone will be part of future warfare, we're already using them and those in the military seem to favor their use. I believe their benefits will be seen over their cons, and they will become quite common. I personally think future wars have the potential of being less violent because they could potentially focus on cyber warfare and upsetting daily life.

  • They are faster.

    Yes, drones are the future of warfare, because they are easy to get to their destination and they are harder to spot. Drones are also harder to play defense against and shoot down. Drones allow us to very carefully target our enemy. This can save the lives of many innocent civilians that are caught in the middle.

  • Yes, drones shorten the chain of command.

    Drones are obedient soldiers slowly but steadily replacing humans in more and more aspects of combat - this autonomy is what militaristic individuals and organizations desire, the ability to wage their never-ending wars to wrest interests from one another with without fear of their disposable weapons judging them. Can we stop this future? No we can't, but we can see it for what it is and just maybe start holding those in power responsible for their actions.

  • Yes they are

    This is not a good thing. At the rate we are going with our technological advancements, they will be the next big part of warfare. The major problem with this is that is we have more drones included, and less humans involved, more wars will break out. I say this because if there is less human casualties, we will start to not have emotion attached to warfare and if there is no emotion and loss in warfare... Then more will break out. Soon enough war will be like a giant game, and each country will just be trying to win, that's the scariest part. And as we know, more warfare leads to many more problems in the world.

  • It depends what side you're on.

    As long as it's people using the drones for their own gain, people will be suffering at their hand. Whether it's their own citizens or not is irrelevant. Drones kill people. Is a war fought entirely by drones even a war anymore? Drones may be the future of advanced militaries, but they'll always be attacking real people in the end.

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