• Yes! If they are controlled.

    If the government controlled most of the drug business then they could theoretically create a peaceful world for people who do drugs and don't. Before you put me down hear me out. The government could create jobs by joining the drug industry pumping it out and selling it to people that are over a certain age and requirement. It would be cheaper, Way cleaner and safer! Since the government doesn't go through any trouble with law it would be cheaper plus they wouldn't need cheapskate methods like putting fentanyl or other nasty chemicals in them making them cleaner. Just set up controlled and enclosed environments for people who use them. This would help us get out of our $23 trillion of debt as well. No one would get hurt except for the people that know the consequences and are paying (plus it wouldn't be nearly as unhealthy). If we used this method we could completely stop anything from going wrong with guarded facilities all across the country.

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