• The Air Is Polluted

    Most drugs are to blame for pretty much everything. The air is polluted because of cigarettes and cigars. Most car crashes are from those that are either young or too drunk to actually be driving. Medical drugs may be necessary but they are made in factories, factories cause air pollution, air pollution equals tons of ash attacks, so yes, drugs are to blame, second thing to blame is the whole government system.

  • What are you, stupid?

    I have no idea how this is even a poll. Are you a troll? Anyways, not everyone has done drugs, therefore it is physically impossible for drugs to be blamed for everything! There's this thing called logic, you should try using it for once in your life... However, drugs are to be blamed for some things, but it can be argued that it is the person not the drug

  • Drugs aren't even close to blame for everything.

    If you really want to blame anything for everything; you need look no further than human nature. The problem isn't drugs, but human nature. Human's knee-jerk reaction to drugs doesn't help either. Legislating morality is probably more of a problem then drugs intrinsically cause in the world today. Drugs are just an easy scapegoat.

  • I think not.

    People are to blame for most things. After all, they choose to do drugs don't they. Yes, addiction may arise from drug use but people have to start taking responsibility for their actions. America has become a country of victims. Its ridiculous. We all have choices. Drugs, alcohol, and fast food are not at fault for our stupidity. If you are a drug addict, drugs aren't the reason you can't get a job. You can't get a job because you refuse to get help for your addiction.

  • Drugs are not to blame for everything

    Drugs are a tool that many people want to use for harm or profit. Truth is, they are just a tool. A tool isn't inherently good or bad. Drugs such as prescription strength items or drugs such as narcotics or hallucinogenic types are only used by the judgment of the user. Yes, they may cause addiction or poor judgment, but they are only the problem of a weak person. The drugs aren't the problem, it is the person that is the problem. Drugs are not blameless, however, they do not encompass everything that is at fault.

  • How simple minded

    Do you have to be to think that this is true. Obviously drugs are not to blame for everything. Religion has 100x more influence on good, and bad things happening to t his world, and science contributions. It is absolutely ludicrous to think drugs have to do with absolutely everything, and to think that is very narrow-minded and ridiculous. There are so many more factors then drugs, drugs probably have to do with very little in comparison with religion, science, and politics. Unless you can give me evidence otherwise, I believe that drugs cannot be blamed for everything. By saying absolutely everything, you are saying drugs are the cause for good things, as well as bad.

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leojm says2013-05-06T13:50:08.090
Well what do you mean by everything? I will answer yes or no by what everything means.
hereiam2005 says2013-05-06T18:30:21.363
This is a loaded question - is this even a question? My toilet got clogged because of drug?
leojm says2013-05-06T19:16:07.677
Haha. Oh really? What drug?
GeekiTheGreat says2013-05-07T01:37:51.123
Someoen tell my why massive used GWL's profile pic for this qestion.
GeekiTheGreat says2013-05-07T02:26:38.060
Ok. *shrugs* Makes sence lol
Ragnar says2013-05-09T06:46:04.107
Technically drugs would need to be defined to properly answer this question.

Hereiam2005: Yes it did get clogged due to drugs, or not enough drugs.