• Yes drugs are winning.

    Drugs are by far winning in the War on Drugs. There is not enough force or people to fight against the drugs. As soon as you take out one drug dealer, another 3 pop up in its place. While the war needs to be fought, it will never be won.

  • Home grown war

    It has become clear that incarcerating people for illegal drug use is not working. Our jails are so full of drug users serving sentences for possession and use that courts are now releasing people without any jail time. Drugs are able to be grown or cooked at home so the chance of getting caught buying has been reduced.

  • WINNING the War on Drugs? Are you kidding?

    Call anything a war....No body is going to win. Just starting with the label of fighting this decades - long war on drugs causes the hurting, confused, discarded, alienated members of society to become retrograde against tightly enforced, fundamental forces. Anything, or anyone who is constricted from "trying" drugs for whatever personal need or purpose is naturally going to break the social chain. The more drug - enforcing laws, the greater the rebellion. Human nature to fight. Human nature to leave be what is causing no brouhaha. How many more children and alienated individuals will we lose to this endless drug war??????

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DaggumBurt says2013-11-18T14:16:44.580

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