• It's the 21st Century!

    It is already the 21st century, therefore, technology already is very famous. It would be a mistake to go on with the traditional books, students nowadays should be exposed to the future. Plus, ebooks are weightless, carry 25 ebooks with you using a usb stick or 25 books on your backpack, its up to you!

  • Well on features, the true battleground, yes

    EBooks have advantages over books they are delivered quickly and with Kindle you can still bookmark and save your place as well as take notes, but also look up the content that will sometimes be embedded, search an entire book, go to another part of the book in the blink of an eye, have it delivered instantly, still loan it via e-mail and have it on every screen. Books are still mostly a matter of looking at texts and comprehending it. If eBooks tend to exceed books in many ways and they can be more accessible, why not?

  • It is slim easy to use for all ages does not heart your eyes and saves money

    A kindle is a revolutionary device which helps people who are disabled or unable to read a paperback read. The list continues; the Kindle is lighter than any book, is one device for 3000 books, and allows you to bookmark, highlight and write notes. You even get to see the lines that other readers found inspiring. The battery life is nigh eternal and it even has an experimental web browser. You may say it loses its human touch but really it brings us closer it connects the world together rather than separates us. I think books would all together be forgotten in the new age of technology and industrial demand.

  • ▶️It's time, yes time ◀️

    Imagine being able to carry a whole library everywhere you go, imagine having the power to flick through book after book, imagine that we can save money and trees, imagine... No more. These state of the art machines, these breath taking creations, the revolution of e- readers Is now, join in

  • E-books have more diversity.

    They save paper, in the long run the books are cheaper, you never have to wait for a book to be restocked, Amazon can tell you exactly when a book will be available for download, e-readers take up less space, they can hold up to 1,500 books, and I'm DONE.

  • ➡️its time! Yes its time!⬅️

    ⬛️Imagine being able to carry a whole library everywhere you go, imagine having the power to flick through book after book, imagine no more because these new creations are really remarkable, state of he art, light, portable, environmental, economic and, honestly, spectacular, It's time, yes time for ... E-READERS! ⬛️

  • New Tech Saves Paper, Shelf Space

    E-books are way better than paperbacks. Not only does the new technology save paper, it saves shelf space at home. Killing fewer trees is always a good thing. E-books save gas because you won't have to travel to the bookstore to buy that bestseller. E-books are also cheaper because publishers don't need raw materials for print runs. E-books are better for everyone involved because they are better for the environment without losing their entertainment value.

  • Vote for E-books

    E-books are not easier to carry but they are beneficial to the environment as well. They are easier to carry because it can contain hundreds of books and barely weighs anything. They are beneficial for the environment because they do not waste paper. Therefore, we save trees and our backs.

  • E-readers are better

    E-books are easier to carry and they are more efficient because the can carry more than just stories. It is easier to have an E-book that barely weighs anything than carrying 7 books. It is also easier for one to search for a word that one does not understand .

  • If there were a middle point...

    I would be on that side. Of course, nothing can replace the nice feel of the weight of the paperback, but with the amount of trees that are used up nowadays... Of course, with the e-readers, there is the fact that there is the constant breaking down, and the constant upgrades you can get for yours, and you don't have to worry about the possible paper cuts that paperbacks can give.
    Like I said, if there was a maybe column, I would voice my opinion on in that column, because I can see both sides to this argument.

  • Books are better

    Books are much better than ebooks because ebooks won't work in a power outage. So books are a better option. Also I find it better to cozy up on a couch with a good book and read well into the night. So to conclude books are better than ebooks because they were here first.

  • Paperback Books are better than E-books

    A E-book costs way more than a paperback book. E-books cost $69.00 and a paperback book cost $6.00. Your eyes can get bad from staring at the screen so long. For paperback books you won't have that problem. Say if you have a kindle and you won't to buy the book, you would have to pay more because you already have the the Kindle which probably costs about $40 and you are going have to pay another $69 for the book.

  • Books are better than E-readers because when you buy a book theres a experience that comes with it an experience an E-reader just cant provide.

    Don't you just hate it when you in the middle of this really good book on your E-reader and then it dies, well you could read on all day and night with a book. Also you don't have to turn your book off on a plane and you can read in direct sunlight. You cant read in the bath with your E-reader because if you drop it its gone but you can with a book ,if you drop your book just blow dry it and its good as new! Also you cant lone a book to somebody if you have an E-reader. Books are obviously better than E-readers because they don't waste energy and the experience that come with the book.

  • No way, books will always be better!

    Screens have been proven to cause issues with sight, so constantly using electronic devices to read on is not a good idea in the way of health. Also, when you have an actual book in your hand there is something more intimate and personal about it. The experience is much more real, and more cost effective (it doesn't cost thousands of dollars for a book!) Besides, they are a legacy and part of life and have been since we started to form written sentences. Books will always win this argument

  • Books are beautiful

    There's something in the way you see the pages flip by that makes you think you're accomplishing something. Books feel wonderful to hold, and you can write notes to yourself in the margins. To see an entire bookshelf be filled with your favorite books is magical. E-books are not always transcribed correctly (see and they just don't have the feel to real, tangible, beautiful books!

  • E-books are irritating

    The technology that the e-books run on can be seriously irritating. I'm tech savvy but I've tried to read books on my phone or on a Nook and I just don't like it nearly as much. The problem with e-books is that the technology can get bugs and the biggest issue is that they can go dead and you have to recharge them. Recharging the technology isn't a big issue if you're just sitting at home reading in bed, but if you're on the road or something that's not always an option. Paper never fails!

  • It's fun to hold a book!

    I will really miss the paperback market of vivid illustrations and velvety paper. I will miss holding the colorful, smooth world of books!! Also, I can go backwards and forwards easier, I can smell the book when it's newly printed and there is no annoying glare from a lit back drop.

  • Reading real books is more rewarding than flicking through an electronic

    Believe it or not, you feel more pride when you see the progress you've made after reading (or while reading) a paper book. Though you get the same imagery experience when you read an ebook, you don't get to see your progress until you have actually finished the book. In my opinion, paper backs are a lot more efficient than ebooks. Even if it is the 21st century, sometimes less technology is more efficient and works better for people.

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