• E-sports r sports

    Many people argue about whether or not fishing, E-sports, Etc. Are actually sports. I define a sport as something you practice in order to compete in and do compete in. This definition includes all examples above and all sports created. The dictionary defines a sport as, "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. " This definition also includes the controversial topics of fishing, E-sports, Etc. That is why I believe e-sports are sports.

  • Esports should be considered real sports because people put a lot of effort into them?

    Esports are identical to real sports because they require a lot of effort. There are a lot of players out there who think that they are good at soccer or other Olympic sports. However, They need to train a lot to make sure that they are at the top. Similarly, In esports, It takes a lot of effort and training to reach the level as pros. Furthermore, It makes sense because after training for esports, You can get a lot of benefits, Such as improved reaction times. Which also applies to sports.

  • Yes they are

    Randme stuff i just want to vote so what ever bla bla bla they really are deal with it most people say yes any way no 1 is forcing you to watch e sports it don't even her t if you don't hate on every 1 so stop hating and accept life

  • Yeah its a sport (WARNING GENIUS ALERT)

    People who say any fat slob can compete against pros in tournaments is like saying any fat slob who works out a big can go head to head with pro sumo wrestlers, Because both require extreme amounts of dedication and training. Not everyone can make it and its in poor taste to discredit their achievements when your only source of information is those pictures of obese people playing games, And the only game you have played is angry birds

  • Why Wouldn't It Be

    The definition of a sport is something that requires physical exertion and skills where people work as a team for entertainment. E-Sports meets that definition just as much as Motor Racing does. E-Sports players are very skilled and they have still have to exert themselves. I bet that most E-Sports players sweat a lot while playing the sport, And sweat is a sign of exertion. Most of the time, E-Sports involve a team that goes against another team to provide entertainment and it requires a lot of skill. That meets the definition of what a sport is. So if you think that E-Sports are not a sport, Then you might want to consider saying that Motor racing and golf aren't sports either.

  • Chest is considered A sport

    Chest doesn't require physical exertion either. Although there are online tournaments, There also LAN events where you compete on the same stage in front of hundreds of people. And not everybody can compete at that level which is why it should be considered a sport. To become a pro it takes a lot of time and practice.

  • It has the precise characteristics of a sport. Explaining. .

    If you define sport as "a physical effort to achieve a goal" absolutely they are. Like any sport, It takes unlimited practice, It's based both on rapid decision and skill to pull off the decision, It's a task of mind and body, It's usually team play.
    Without getting in detail for why it's arguably more interesting than regular sports, There is no real for e-sports not to be sports. What? Because of the equipment? Every single sport uses equipment. . Where are you going to draw line and why?
    As goes from personal experience, I have been through sports, Motorsports and e-sport (First person shooter), And I state that you see the exact same pattern of trying and developing in all of them. Go ask as many sport people as you want, No one it to say it's about putting a lot of strength in, They'll tell you about control and development, I'll wait

  • Any activity that has two teams, Where one team wins and one team loses should be considered as a sport.

    Sports are defined as an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Although e-sports do not require a lot of physical exertion and skill, Mental exertion and skill is required, Like in other sports where a strategy is needed to win. Both e-sports and sports require communication between teammates, Collaboration, Resilience and sportsmanship. Competitiveness exists in both e-sports and sports and entertainment is the outcome of both activities, Making it a sport.

  • We use our brain to play this.

    Why chess not a physical sport but we still call it sport? Because we make our work and E-sport is the same. E-sport is a tactic game that you have to understand the characters (how to play them, How them work, How to kill them), The map and solve the problem to be a winner.

  • E- sports are sports

    While many might say that esports are not sports, The amount of dedication to master the specific roles take hundred's of hours of practicing. Also, Many e sport players get wrist and hand injuries when playing, Showing that requires (some) physical talent in order command the controls, Due to the 10+ hour a day training.

  • No. Definitely not.

    A sport requires PHYSICAL EXERTION. And no, Hand movements do not count. People need to live in the real world, Not in virtual reality. I'm an avid gamer myself - angry birds and stuff - but this is completely different. People find sports fun to watch, People don't find games fun to watch. Who would want to watch a game instead of play it? You can't make a living from playing games, Or I would be rich by now. People need to wake and live for real.

  • No, What? What have we come to?

    Are there people actually seriously voting "yes"? How low have we gotten ever since we accepted culture as mainstream? And BTW, We all know gaming going mainstream ain't nothing new! Video games actually went mainstream right around the late 90s, You saw that with the rise of strategy guidebooks, Gaming magazines and gaming promotion in the corporate world.

    Anyways, No! Unless the video games required actual motion controls, THEN NO! Any couch potato from some Western developed nation can become champion and not only that, There's hardly any real requirements in the big leagues. Plus, You're sitting in your ass day literally increasing the risk for many conditions or diseases. What have we come to? I am sick that this E sports BS is trying to ruin video games for those who just actually want to enjoy them

    You wanna have gaming tournaments? Fine, But don't shove Esports down our throats

  • It's electronic, Not reality

    The definition of sport is "an activity that requires physical effort and dexterity" with other individuals and teams play against each other for entertainment. From what I am seeing and talking from experience, Electronic sport games are not "real sports" that people claim they are. They require minimal effort for massive effectiveness if you picture it in your mind. I'll paint a scenario: You just have to run in place to make it to the finish line. Kinect Sports from X-Box 360 is a perfect example of what I'm one about. You are staying in place but just moving your arms, Legs, Etc. While you do get exhausted, It is not on such a scale as if you were literally doing the activity in reality. Way different from actually running from the start to the finish line. This question is incredibly vague and open to all varieties of interpretation. In my mind, E-Sports are not real sports, Not even close.

  • Sport vs. Game

    A game can use intellect and strategy but that doesn't make it a sport. The word for sport has been used for centuries upon centuries to identify a type of skill that requires some sort of harsh physicality. Checkers is not a sport, It requires strategy though. Esports is the same thing. It's a game, But not a sport. But this a good thing. Don't try and make it a sport. When it's a game it holds on the purpose of why it was created. . . To have fun.

  • Not regulated as much

    Some many e sport gamers would cheat if they could. I do not trust players from brazil or India or other places where cheating is rampant.
    Are they using a program or quick keys to make them move faster than normal. A player from Brazil used this and when caught tried to excuse himself
    Then some of the games are broken and you can exploit the game. Some classes seem to be more powerful and are not nerfed.
    Then you have a lot of them taking drugs and the people will not even test them for drugs. Regulated it before you try to make it into a sport.

  • In my opinion I think that E-Sports are not Sports.

    E-Sports are not sports because fishing is not a sport or any other sports like that. Fishing is an e-sport and it is definitely not a sport. All you do is use a fishing rod and catch fish with it. I will type these eleven words with pride as I said.

  • Per the dictionary

    Per the dictionary definition, Sport n. An activity in a competitive field requiring physical exertion (not an exact quote but a very close paraphrase). I play video games regularly, I always am very active physically. Playing Black ops is no where near as physically taxing as running even 100 meters, Hell even half a meter! That is even including the prospect of a full 24-hour run

  • Gamers, Not Athletes.

    Playing video games requires minimum physical exertion and no physical talent. In addition, Leagues and tournaments are not separated by gender, Proving that its not an athletic competition (whereas men would otherwise theoretically dominate). In addition, Most gamers have no special skills or abilities that aren't otherwise attainable by the general population. Any fat slob can become a gamer and compete against the best, Provided they get to the noobtube first! Performance in video games then, Is not predicated by any athletic training or skills.

  • Appropriate levels of physical exertion combined with skills. . .

    My interpretation of the definition of a "sport" requires "appropriate" levels of physical exertion and movement control, In combination with mental skills, Eye-hand coordination, Strategy, Etc. However, Perhaps it would be even more appropriate to just have different classifications of "sport"; the term "e-sport" is inherently different from the term "athletics", And from this perspective we could perhaps agree that BOTH are sports. In this case, The debate then would simply be if they should both be managed together in terms of university programs. After all NCAA, Is the National Collegiate ATHLETICS Association -- NOT the National Collegiate SPORTS Association.

    For now, I assume the debate stems from the argument that e-Sports should be grouped with and treated equally with what I consider sports (athletics). . . So I vote "no".

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