• Michigan earthquakes are not that common

    Michigan earthquakes are not that common. It is rarely to hear about one. Quakes are usually heard about in places like California, Nevada, and Japan. Of course, small quakes happen everywhere, and it is in everyone's interest to have a preparedness plan no matter where they normally happen. People in low-quake zones are generally not prepared enough.

  • Earthquakes in Michigan are rare.

    Usually earthquakes are on fault lines. You very rarely hear of them in the upper states,normally you here about them in lower states.Just like tornadoes are mostly in the warmer states. Not saying that they could not have one. I just think it is highly unlikely for Michigan to have an earthquake.

  • Fault lines are everywhere

    Earthquakes in California get all the publicity but people forget that fault lines run around the world. Michigan sits near major land formations, namely the great lakes. There are undoubtedly fault lines around Michigan that could result in an earthquake. Individuals need to be prepared for the natural disasters resident to wherever they live.

  • Michigan Earthqake Lust

    Michigan is one of the place in USA , where earthquake is very pre-dominant . I mean if we look up the records , we can see that Michigan has been attacked by earthquake more than 15 times , on past 50 years . This frequent occurence of earthquake doesn't suggest that earthquake are rare in Michigan , does it ?

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