• I think E books are better

    They're quicker to obtain.

    EBooks are more easily updated and upgraded.

    You usually get far more than just the book.

    EBooks take up less space

    eBooks don't use up trees

    They're more portable

    References can be hot-linked

    You can do global searches and find information quickly

    The technology will get better

  • EBooks, in my

    Opinion, are better due to the fact of transportation and ease of access. I love reading books and often find myself in the middle of several at the same time. While a physical book can be more enjoyable to interact with, it's difficult to carry around four or five at once.

  • One word... Weight

    Some people like to read multiple books at once, and depending on how many they can get heavy. But with ebooks you can have as many books you want all while still carrying the same weight. For those that only read one at a time, ebooks are easier to read at night, since you don’t need a light to read because ereaders produce their own light. Some bay bring up the blue light factor, but most devices allow you to turn that off in your brightness settings.

  • It is very simple and easy to purchase and download ebooks through the Internet

    It is very simple and easy to purchase and download ebooks through the Internet. It is exactly like purchasing any other product. The only difference is that after payment you will either be directed to a download page or receive the download link in an email. All you have to do is click on the link and the ebook will automatically download to your computer, to a folder of your own choice.

    After download you don't have to be connected to the Internet in order to read the ebook. You can stay offline. If you wish to have it printed, it is very easy. Just click on the print button in the ebook, to print it with your home printer.

  • EBooks are better than the printed book.

    You can read when you're in the bed because the printed book has to open the light. And eBooks don't use up trees. Except when you print one out—I usually do for booklets and special reports—eBooks use very few natural resources. We save trees and help reduce pollution from pulp mills.

  • They both have their pros and cons

    Both e-books and print books have their pros and cons. The question is not really as binary as it seems. It is a logical fallacy to put forth the question as being so "either or". Many people are opting for both e-books and print books. It's like saying that stairs stopped existing after the elevator was invented. Actually, it is nice that we have both for very different reasons! It's nice to have e-books when I travel because it is less heavy to bring all that wonderful knowledge along! However, it is also nice to have a printed book when my e-reader runs out of battery and I cannot recharge it for whatever reason! It is more democratic that sometimes e-book versions are cheaper and thus more accessible. However, it is in another way more democratic to have access to free printed books at the library! Sometimes you can't find certain editions in e-book format. Sometimes you can't find certain editions in printed format. So, aren't we lucky if we can have both!

  • E-books are better

    I prefer E-books than books
    1. You can have them on your device which you'll always carry with you
    2.You can find whatever book you want to read
    3.You can read them in anytime.They won't cause any danger like books when you read them light off
    4. We can help Environment not cutting trees off
    5.It's easy to mark the last place you stopped ( don't need to curve like real books)

  • EBooks are better than paper books

    Here are some reasons:

    Take up less space
    Don’t have to carry them around
    Don't use up trees
    More portable
    References can be hot-linked for new info
    Updated information
    Quicker to obtain
    Survey says: people who read ebooks, read more
    No page curvature
    Can read in total darkness
    Can read on your side
    Font options
    Dictionary for unknown words
    Free samples to get to know book before buying

  • Ebooks are better

    They are environmentally friendly since it reduces trees needed to be cut down, they are much more portable, and you can make your own alterations such as highlighting an important sentence or changing the font size to your preference. Although you might get distracted, it is easier to focus on a smaller device with personalization options.

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  • Books are better.

    With an eBook, you wouldn't be able to take it with you anywhere, and they would cost too much for it to be on a nook. Nooks cost 120 dollars and then you have to buy all the books. And what would happen if it broke? You would have to buy another one and re-buy all the books again.

  • Paper books are much better

    1. Studies show that that when children read on an e-reader, that may actually impede child’s ability to learn.
    2. Studies show that parents interact differently with children over an e-reader than over a physical book. That difference may make children slower to read and comprehend a story.
    3. Paper books feel good in your hands - even the best designed eReader is a cold, lifeless metallic device.
    4. Paper books look better than eBooks, because paper books will always have the full illustrations and words (unless it is damaged). E-books tend to have a grainier, worse quality version.
    5. You can’t lend an eBook to a friend. You can loan someone your book by loaning them your reading device, but that’s like giving access to one of your books by loaning them your entire library, book cases and all.
    6. If you "buy" an eBook, read it, put it in storage, and try to re-read it in 10 years it probably won’t exist on a platform or device that will be possible for that particular e-book format.
    7. EBooks are still too expensive and you can't get cheap second-hand copies, or expensive first edition copies.
    8. Staring at a bright electronic screen for hours can ruin your eyesight.
    9. You can’t sit down on your sofa with a cup of hot chocolate and your thin, cold, unfeeling iPad, or other device.
    10. You can own an eBook, but that is not the same as owning a paper-bound book, which is almost personal.
    11. Books are more personal than eBooks, because they contain memories. You can have a book that was given to you by your grandmother, but it’s impossible to feel that way from a file on your device.
    12. Some people may say that you can always highlight or add notes on your device, however, taking a note in an e-book or making a highlight in it is independent of the book; all of that information is stored apart from the book in a file or a database. Send the book to another person and you’ll find that all of the notes and highlights are gone, because they belong to you or your device, not to your book.
    13. Books are accepted in more places than eBooks. For example, you don’t need to turn off your book in an airplane.
    14. Books won’t die, however, the device’s battery might.
    15. Not everyone can afford a device to read the eBook on.

  • Books are a way for me to get some time away from technology

    ....So yeah. Also, i want to highlight lines in a book, fold pages, put them up on my shelf like a trophy. Love spreading the joy, give someone a book you loved, maybe don't hoard it. Books are all about sharing, ebooks are about keeping it private. They are also much more human.

  • Because they just don't feel personal.

    I don't know about you but I love to walk into a book store and just look at random book covers. They're beautiful! You just know someone spent a long time trying to portray this wonderful story into a single picture so that you would look at it and say, "That looks cool."
    I mean, I'm sure they would even accept "This looks interesting" or even "I think I'll like this book" but all the same. They spent time and thought on this picture that represents the essence of the book and that's what draws people in. Sure they have pictures on the e-reader and you can look at the title page for some of them so you can look at the cover art for a little bit, BUT books are far easier to flip around and go from beginning to end just by turning the book around. With an e-book you have to press several buttons before you can get back and forth from page to page.

  • Paper book is our past, present and future!

    Yeah, we live in modern world, but it doesn't mean that we should forget all old things. Our parents, grandparents and other ancestors were taught by old paper book. We should remember our history and how book influences our thought. Nowadays it doesn't safe to rely on technology, Your ebook can just break and you will found yourself without your enormous library.

  • Reading paper book brings more feelings

    I believe that the best way to read a book is to hold it in my hands, With a cup of tea or coffee besides, Be on a hammock or my bed, Be in a garden or a park, The smell from book pages make me feel comfortable. Reading physical books is real reading, And books are physical friends, Not a virtual thing like how it exist on an electronic device.

  • Traditional Books Are Better Than E-books

    Traditional books are better because whenever I look at a screen for to long, It strains my eyes. Because of this, I don't really pay attention to the story and rather my eyes. Also, It isn't very good to stare at a device before bed, Something that happens if I read e-books (I read a lot before bed).

  • Well then, Title

    I a c t u a l l y h a v e n o r e a s o n s, B u t p a p e r b o o k s a r e o b v i o u s l y b e t t e r

  • Haha u thought

    E books will never be better you're just dumb ahahahah ahahah ahah ahah ahaha hahaaha hahaha hahah wooooooooah bc print books are so good and yeah if you disagree u r just wrong bc yeah u are i'll fight you on this bc its a fact js lol bye bye

  • I prefer books

    I prefer books as it help in improving vocabulary. It also helps us improve our spoken english. It encourages people to know more about the author's various other books. It is unbreakable. It is much cheaper than e book. And obviously when it comes for sharing books or borrowing a book from a library u can't share or borrow e books. Thus I will recommend and prefer books

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