Are educated people (yes) or a good military (no) better for a nation?

  • If you know how to talk

    If everybody could be educated when it came to war, we would hardly need a good military, or in that case, any military at all. Its always be better to converse and talk things out when you feel you need to take something by force, but that's not necessarily the case in our 2000th century. All the government can ask us is about war and the military and the government shutting down, and all people can do is fight about it, but what about the people suffering from what we think is best? There is currently a war going on in Syria. Why? Because we don't believe in what they're doing thousands of miles away from us? There is a more educated way of working out our problems, but we jump straight to bettering our military and our machinery. There doesn't seem to be any way of winning in our current century.

  • Education over Military

    I think that educated people are better for a nation's progress, as education is what makes a person disciplined and helps progress in life. Proper military is important for protecting the nation when in conflict, however, if there are educated and learned people running the nation there isn't any chance for a conflict.

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