• School Vouchers Promote Competition

    When a school is not performing well and students leave utilizing their vouchers, it creates competition. Competition is what has always made America great. If those under-performing schools are wanting to get students back they will work harder and do more to make their school great. That will give incentive for more students to go where they will get the best education. Meanwhile, parents will have the means to support putting their child in the best school they can. They are not forced to have their child in a school that is sub-par. Competition is always good for productivity.

  • Every Kid Deserves Good Schooling

    If a kid wants to go to a private school, they should be able to get the same amount of money as their peers in public schools. Private schools produce, on average, better students. The school that is making better adults should be able to receive the same amount of money as the public school system.

  • If people want to go to a better school, they should be able to.

    Everyone has an equal opportunity to go to a private or public school, so the better school should not be punished for getting the better kids. There are things that public schools could do to attract more kids, but they need to push for those things. Vouchers work as "scholarships" therefore, if you want a better education you should be able to go where ever you want to.

  • Vouchers can give the next generation a better start!

    The vouchers help the school systems in two ways; creates competition, and private school families don't have to pay for both. First, with competition, the public schools will get up from where their sitting, and do a better job then just pouring political opinions into the minds of our young ones. Second, with the vouchers, private school families don't have to pay for both public and private schools to get a good education for their children, so the public school isn't hording money from every person, only the people who send their children to the school, making it a lot better for other families.

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  • Yes, achievement should trump all else.(even if diversity in all its forms is important)

    The bottom line is I want my child to go to the most academically challenging and safe school available if that is the public school that is where he will go. Parents who feel that way should be able to send their child to that school regardless of how much money they make. If I can't afford to send my child to a private school that is better than the public school, I should be able to get a voucher because my child would not be attending the public school. If I can pay for a private school, I don't want to have to pay for the public school through taxes and then have to pay for the private school on top of that. My wife is a teacher, and after 10+ years in the class room, it is her opinion that the greatest factor in child achievement is parental involvement. When classes have a high concentration of high achievers, they bring the few low achievers up. When classes are dominated by low achieving students, they bring down the high achievers. We need to increase school achievement in this country to compete globally. You cannot mandate educated and involved parents and children with stable home lives for all. You can give parents who do care a place to send their children to excel regardless of socio economic status. In a perfect world all children would go to a place like this. Since we do not live in a perfect world, let's help the ones we can, instead of dooming them to underperforming schools with poor outcomes.

  • Vouchers are a no-brainer.

    As the country seems to be going more and more the way of socialism and federally run and regulated systems we run the risk of becoming more like the countries many of our founders left for the same reasons. The more the federal government controls things, the less efficient and more expensive they become. Certainly there is a place for the government regarding federal control, mainly the defense of our nation. But most other aspects should be up to the citizen and the tried and true free market economy. Competition is good. Lack of competition make people lethargic, apathetic and lazy. Are those the kind of people you want teaching your children? I don't. Implement vouchers, see what happens. The federal government of course will hate it because it threatens it. Trust me, I work for the federal government (24 years) and it is all about maintaining funding and growing as much as possible.

  • Vouchers a good thing

    Takes education out of govt hands, puts it into parents hands, helps the poor get good education, which in turn pulls them out of poor situation. Takes elected officials out of equation, puts money into good education instead of dumping more and more money into failing system that just grows the administration part of schools not the education part.

  • School Debate Project

    I am doing my debate project on school vouchers and I am defending the pro side. I believe that people that are not as wealthy as others should have the option to have a greater education. Also for people that already attend a public school should not have to pay for their schooling twice. Right now they have to pay their tuition for the school and taxes that are supporting schools that they don't even attend. Even a small amount of money can help a lot when it comes to education. I believe that everyone should have the choice and that is why school vouchers are a good idea.

  • Vouchers create competition.

    In a world where public schools lack motivation due to no fear of not succeeding, the competion will increase pressure on public schools to achieve more so more students attend. Also, with smaller classrooms, public schools will cater better to all their students. In closing, vouchers will undoubtly help the education of all.

  • Citizens without children cannot withdraw their tax money from schools, why should we let parents?

    This would create an a la carte form of funding government could never work. No one would ever consider letting me withdraw my tax dollars from the military. Why allow this? Everyone benefits from public education. Furthermore, private schools have never been able to compete with public schools. It is a common assumption that they can. So if the trend is to take money out of failing schools it makes no sense to invest in private education. Lastly, we should not use public money to invest in private enterprises.

  • Violates the US Constitution

    The First Amendment of the US Constitution, which houses the Establishment Clause, clearly states that church and state must not be connected or be affiliated in any way what so ever. The Sixth Section of the Indiana State Constitution states almost the same thing. This is why vouchers are bad, because they violate our rights made by our founding fathers.

  • Education Vouchers: America's way of saying we have given up on our education system

    The public education system in the United States clearly needs some help, yet many politicians are ignoring this systems cry. Their answer is to just abandon public education all together. Every child in this nation deserves an education, and every single public school in this country should be able to provide that. Don't stop believing, never give up is what we teach our children, so lets live by this motto ourselves.

  • American citizens should not have to pay for students to attend a private school.

    The public has already paid to build the schools, and should not be required to pay for an education at a private school. If this is allowed, public schools could sit empty or partially full, while wasting tax payers' money. The voucher program also subverts separation of church and state, because many private schools are run by churches.

    Posted by: CurlyBooker45
  • Education vouchers are not a good public policy, because they will only help a handful of students, and they will not be fair and equal.

    I think that the education of our children should be the main goal of any public policy, because the children are the future of our country. Education should be fair and equal for all children living in the United States, but it has come a long way from that. If the country decided to give school vouchers to children, it is certain that the underprivileged students would be the ones left behind. Politicians may state that the policy would help underprivileged children, and it may help a few, but it would make it worse for most of them. I live in Pennsylvania and former Governor Tom Ridge purposed school vouchers that would give vouchers to any parent who makes under $100,000. The problem was that the voucher was only for a couple of thousand dollars, and not enough to pay for a year's worth of schooling at a good school. I think that school vouchers sound like a way for the rich families in America to send their children to good schools, without paying for it.

    Posted by: Slo0n3
  • No, because education vouchers undermine the public school system.

    Education vouchers are often touted as being an answer to failing inner-city school systems. Parents would be able to use vouchers to send their children to private or charter schools. The problem with a voucher program is that it costs much more than the public school system. For this reason, voucher programs are usually small and involve a fraction of the students enrolled in public education. This leads to a smaller number of students in the public school system, but it also removes dollars from the public school system, damaging the quality of buildings and staff. Many students are unable to go anywhere else but the public schools and, thus, suffer as a result of not spending those dollars to improve the public school system, as a whole.

    Posted by: AmusingTanner32
  • Education vouchers are not good policy, because they hurt people who need public education the most.

    Education vouchers are good in theory but, like most things, the devil is in the details. It is unlikely that the vouchers will cover the cost of tuition at "elite" level private schools, meaning that low-income families will be unable to take their children out of public schools. These families will receive the same education in a school district stripped of its resources. These children rely on schools as a means for them to pull themselves out of the difficult situation that they were born into. This is not something that should be taken away from families that need it.

    Posted by: Random72003
  • Education vouchers are not good public policy since they often cater to fringe educational groups.

    Our publicly funded education system relies on the principle of doing the greatest good for the most. Our public education system also is open to all persons no matter their race, creed, or physical abilities. By opening up our system to education vouchers we are privatizing a public institution. A direct result of this would be fewer educational opportunities if special interest groups were allowed to use federal funds.

    Posted by: Cen2I0rd
  • Education vouchers are bad public policy, because it forces taxpayers to subsidize causes that shouldn't be funded by government money, like parochial schools.

    There is a clear wall of separation between church and state in our society. Education vouchers would give government money to schools that are religious in nature. Tax dollars should never go to fund religious schools. So creating a system that would allow such a thing is bad public policy.

    Posted by: M0r3Fire
  • There is no justification, apart from special education needs, for giving an incentive to private education.

    Taxpayer dollars are already given for the express purpose of funding public schools. School or education vouchers take away resources from schools and encourage parents to put their children in private schools. According to Public Agenda for Citizens, surveys show that three quarters of parents polled do not favor taking money from failing schools, which school vouchers would certainly do.

    Posted by: NoIanMu5ic

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