• The yellow can be

    The yellow part of an egg has a very high amount of cholesterol in it and if you consume them in large quantities it can raise your level of cholesterol significantly. I think that it would be wiser just to eat the whole parts personally so you don't have the risk.

  • Yes they can be

    Eggs can be bad for cholesterol. If you have high cholesterol you should limit your intake of eggs. I think if you have normal cholesterol a high egg diet is not going to give you high cholesterol though. I think it should be monitored because it could be bad for you.

  • The benefits of Eggs outweight the disadvantages when it comes to Health

    So many conflicting reports have come out for decades from the desks of over-eager Scientists with far too much time on their hands! Eggs are great for you! Don't eat 50 a day by any means but if you eat a couple of eggs a day they are great for you. Eggs provide vitamins and nutrients that you can't get anywhere else. Eat eggs!

  • Only if you eat too many

    Eggs do contain cholesterol, and eggs can add to cholesterol, if they are eaten too much. Eaten at proper volumes, eggs can be quite a health meal. They are actually a cholesterol fighter if they are part of an energizing breakfast that gets someone up and exercising and losing weight.

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