• Everyone is useful, but..

    The elderly consume the lion's share of social benefits and account for a disproportionate amount of the health care costs. They have become an immense drain and liability on all Western Countries, and are due to consume an enormous and crippling percentage of the GDP of many nations in the coming years. This is not the fault of the elderly, but the fault in the manner in which we care for them. There are less developed countries (Nepal is a good example) who take a community, collective responsibility approach. Our current model of hospitals, care facilities, and bloated unsustainable pension plans and benefits are poised to bankrupt many nations as these things did to Detroit. It does not have to be this way, nor did the elderly have to become the parasites that the western world made them into. Also of consideration is the fact that the elderly elected officials that would promise them gold plated pension plans and benefits at the expense of the young, who will never see such benefits; the elderly deserve to be held accountable to their mistakes, just as they raised their children to believe they needed to be accountable for theirs...

  • A Two Way Approach in My Eyes

    On one hand, it is a disgrace to our parent's and grandparent's generations to say that when they are too old to be productive (theoretically) they should be wiped out. Then also disabled kids and mentally ill people should not be cared for. IT is our duty to care for each human as he was created in God's image.

    Yet on the other hand, as cludwg stated, they do drain our society of its resources, yet as he suggested we should take to making a better way to take care of the elderly, and also the handicapped and mentally ill people who are not productive, and not kill them God forbid. Yet saying that old people drain our society is likening them to parasites. We must respect our elders as they gave us our life and the world we live in today, and we cannot cuty the branch we're sitting on.

  • No, They Are Not a drain on society.

    I believe that the elderly are not a drain on society. They can provide help or information when you are stumped. Also, they can comfort you when you are feeling down or upset. They are there for you when you need them. So no, elderly are not a drain on society.

  • The elderly have cared for generations after them

    An opposing argument could be that the elderly are a burden on society as the government spends the tax payers money on their care. Yet I think this is an incredibly obnoxious and not a very well thought-out answer. Most of the elderly have payed tax in their life time and have worked hard, many living through World Wars. Without their service to their respective countries, our world would be shaped in an unrecognisable way. They deserve the respect and decency to be looked after.

  • No. Taxes are not spent of government services (Grace Commission)

    Modern Money Mechanics shows that all money is printed out of thin air by private interest i.e. a banking cartel. Governments have to borrow too (& not from other countries, their debt is also much higher than their money supply).

    Out of the pittance of a pension, the elderly or disabled receive, a persons that stays at home, doing little would be paying around 15% tax, written into prices, 18% tax if the live a reasonably active life.
    25%< tax if, say, they live in the country & drive a few hours every week for shopping & medical appointments. In Australia GST is 10% & on almost everything & fuel tax is almost 50%. Stuggling pensioners, who cant afford to run their heater in winter, thanks to skyrocketing electricity prices, pay at tax on a tax ( GST on a stiff fuel tax) & even tax on phone data they don't even use.

    If money was printed by the government tax would be a pointless waste of time, staff ( government money to run it) & energy.
    Give the people money & then take it back ( before they ever see it) makes sense because it works like this. Banks create the money ( & far faster than trees can grow, there's no shortage of money). Governments & the people borrow it ( most is private credit, nothing to do with government.)

    They'd love to abolish pensioners tax & raise pensions. I mean, this is the largest section of the community after the 9 to 5 ers ( who are shrinking proportionly) What a vote winner? Isn't that the aim of a political party?
    Hmmm,NA!, You work for who pays you don't you?

    No government can do that cause they have no money, only debt.

    If they had money they's use that as an election winner as well.
    Let's see their CARFs? They only show you the budget, a costing guess, consistently too low, cry poor, raze, taxes & raise services?
    (get the joke?)

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