• Yes if they done right.

    The electricity could come from a coal plant and end up polluting worse than an efficient gas car.
    Then there are the materials and construction. Some dangerous and harmful chemicals could be used to construct the car, And it would be better to use a normal gasoline car.

    However they are addressing those problems and are looking for cleaner cheaper way to build electric cars and better methods at electric production.

    I personally do not like being dependent on gas because the price can fluctuate and the supply can be disturbed.

    Electric cars are the future but gasoline cars will still remain.

  • Of course it is.

    Why? Cause the gas car produce a lot of CO2 while electronic cars don't produce that much. Electronic cars go smother. Gas will end up one time so gas cars is useless when gas is out. Electronic cars are able to use for a long time cause electronic in the Earth will never end.

  • There are pros & cons but at the end of the day, Gas cars are the way to go.

    I must admit, Electric cars are helping the world have less pollution, But if you really think about it, Does anyone or anything actually die from gas cars? Also, Electric cars can be nowhere near as reliable depending on the brand, For example, A BMW i3, Wisely spend your money on a far more reliable 4 series for the same price. Electric cars just aren't the best. No offense to electric car owners, But you wasted your money.

  • I hate electric cars

    They are just not fun I am a soul born mechanic a car guy and I can't stand them you can't mod them you have no control over the transmission because it has not a stick shift obviously plus they don't make sound, Driving should be driving not pressing the gas pedal and nothing else.

  • No, Its just a status symbol

    Tesla drivers think they are the king of the road, And they just drive like Psychos. If you want to have electric cars, Drive like a normal person, Because my Acura MDX is better. They are obsessed with saving the planet, While building them leaves so much gas. No one designs a electric car right. The leaf looks like a snail, The only good one is the clarity. And if you think you are the king of the road, Since you have a expensive electric car, Beware that real rich people pay $4-5 in premium gas, So beat it.

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