Are Electric Cars Better Than Gas Cars? (It can be about the looks, Speed, Whatever you think why one is better than the other. )

  • Tesla for the win

    Technically i am pro-electric cars, And by that i especially mean Tesla, And perhaps some chinese concept car brands. Let's just stick to the tesla. All of them are electric and eco-friendly. And it can be quick also. Tesla has one of the fastest electric cars, And it is at the level of regular supercars, But those supercars i guess make more pollution than tesla, So i am pro-tesla.
    Those chinese brand is just a small version of tesla, But those unsafe ones i would not ride.

  • Yay or neigh? No u!

    I would personally say yes. Electric cars can hit to a certain speed faster because of their electric motors, Which has higher torque and acceleration. An example would be the Tesla Roadster, Which could go 0 - 60mph in 1. 9 seconds. (I was also forced to pick a side, To which I just wanted to see your opinions. )

  • Recharging via Regenerative Breaking

    Many electric and hybrid-electric car have regenerative breaking, Which means that they can use the inertia of the vehicle and charge the battery packs when breaking. On the other hand, A car with only an internal combustion engine, Will only convert that inertia into heat when breaking to slow down the car.

  • Superior in most ways

    Less moving parts and constant power delivery. Combustion is an old method that has many cons. Electricity is more reliable and is not dependent on petroleum. In mad max they use gas cars but I do not see any gas stations. You can make electricity out of solar or wind or combustion or hydro. Or even geothermal.
    The oil industry is trying to stop the future.

  • You can get hit by them

    You can't hear an electric car when it's about to hit you. You CAN hear a gas car when it's about to hit you. Also, Current electric cars take a LONG time to charge, Which makes road trips much more difficult as you would have to wait at one of the few electric gas stations for upwards of 7 hours.

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