• Employees are more productive when they have more time off work

    Employees are more productive when they have more time off work. This is because they have had a chance to unwind and refresh their psyches and spirits. There is more to life than work, and employers have to realize this so that they can get more people interested in working at their company. No one wants to work for tyrants.

  • I agree, employees work more effectively and efficiently compared to employees with less time off

    I agree that employees work more effectively with more time off. This is backed up by a number of employer case studies carried out by companies such as IBM and the Marriot hotel chain. These studies found workers who were allowed more time off were actually more productive even though they worked fewer hours. Employees with more time off feel happier and most positive about their own work life. This in turn leads to the state of mind that creates productivity.

  • Yes employees are more productive when they have time off.

    It is a fact that employees are more productive when they have enough time off to be fully rested and relaxed. Overworking employees not only makes them less productive, it also puts them as risk for on the job injuries and other stress related problems. Proper rest and time off for vacations is the most cost effective investment a company can make in its workforce.

  • Depends on how long

    Like most people, I do get burned out from working too many consecutive days. I need that day off or two after working a long and hard work week. I just refreshes me and I can come back feeling better. That being said, you don't want to have too much time off,for that could really throw you off your game.

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