Are employees more productive working from home (yes) or the office (no)?

  • If you are at home, you have less home distractions.

    Sure there are many distractions at home, but if you are working at home, you don't have to worry about rushing home for emergencies. This cuts down on a number of problems, and as long as you have clear expectations about what needs to be done when, there shouldn't be any problems.

  • Employees are more productive working from home

    Of course it takes a lot of focus and discipline, but all in all, working from home has its benefits. For instance, if you want to eat your breakfast and work, you can. If you want to work in your bathrobe, you can. There wouldn't be the added stress of figuring out what to wear, how to deal with co-workers.

  • working from home

    get real...I have a hard enough time concentrating at work with the use of the internet, I would love to admit that I have more productivity working from home but the truth be known I would play games and clean house. AND DANCE all the while. I would probably be happier and healthier but not all of us make it WORK.

  • In The Office

    Employees are more productive when working in the office. This is because they have to be focus and are most likely being watched or supervised. While working at home, a person is more likely to daydream, take frequent breaks, and do other things that they would nit do in the office.

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