• Deaths have occurred.

    Too many people have died already after consuming too many energy drinks in a short period. They have caused more deaths than alcohol yet alcohol is regulated. Even without this fact the drinks are so high in sugar and caffeine that even consuming them at all, can have serious detrimental affects on our health.

  • Yes, But So Is Almost Everything

    Everything can be dangerous when taken too much or too often. Energy drinks can be dangerous to the consumer. They have quite a lot of caffeine in them, and caffeine is known for being a stimulant and a drug. People need to know how much their body can take and they need to practice moderation.

  • They can be

    Although energy drinks in and of themselves are not very dangerous, they have the potential to be. Just like medicines, most energy drinks have a recommended time between doses and a limit per day of what is considered safe. If someone does not abide by these rules, the drinks can become dangerous.

  • They aint that bad

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  • No Moderation is Key

    Like anything else in life it is a product which is safe when used in moderation and for its intended purpose. Most of the people who have been hospitalized either had preexisting health problems, drank way more than what is recommend for caffeine intake, or were drinking or had other drugs in their system which caused complications.

  • Not when used in moderation.

    When energy drinks are used once in a while, they are safe. They are only dangerous when used constantly, in large quantities. Like any other food or drink, common sense should be the guiding principle. Using an energy drink once in a while to giver yourself a boost is fine, relying on them daily is dangerous.

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