Are enough funds being put into research to help scientists understand how human are affecting our planet's climate change?

  • Too much being spent on something that is not settled science

    More than enough funds are being push into research over the concept of climate change. In fact, it can be argued that true many taxpayer dollars are being spent on something that science has not even settled. If an organization wants to prove out climate change use its own funds.

  • Yes, enough funds are being put into research to help scientists understand how humans are affecting the planet's climate change.

    Yes, sufficient funds are being put into climate change research but more work can be done to help solve this problem. The United Nations just hosted a conference in Paris to address the climate change problem and to help different governments reach goals and objectives on how to counter this growing problem. I believe that government leaders are striving to ensure that our world is greener to stop the negative effects of climate change.

  • No, scientists are not being given enough funding and respect.

    Climate change is already, and will continue to, cause problems for us and our descendants. We will have to support the scientific community in discovering causes and finding solutions to this situation. Whether or not we believe humans caused the problem, we will have to decide what to do about it, and this requires adequate money, time, space and the input of the scientific community.

  • We Need More

    Many people in the population are still skeptical about the existence of climate control--new money would better help scientists conduct new research. If there was new research done then it could be more easily applied and shared with the regular population and hopefully people might become more enlightened as a result.

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