• We have started seeing results

    We have started seeing results. The Clean Water Act, passed in 1972, restricted discharges of industrial pollutants and sewage into coastal waters. The Marine Mammal Protection Act, also enacted in 1972, helped California sea lions"among the preferred prey of adult great whites"quadruple to around 300,000 animals today. Conservation-minded fisheries laws strengthened protections on species, like sea bass and halibut, that juvenile great whites depend on. And in 1994, California both proscribed the killing of great whites and banned gillnets, the type of fishing gear most often responsible for shark bycatch, from near-shore waters.

    All told, by the mid-2000s, great whites were safer from slaughter than ever; their habitat was cleaner than it had been in decades; and their prey was growing more abundant by the day. "All of this legislation was put in place to bring things back," Lowe says. "We"re starting to see signs of that."

  • I really think most environmental laws do good.

    I am republican. I love the environment. I agree with not dumping chemical waste into river. I agree with laws that reduce certain air pollutants. And I agree with most conservation programs.

    But I also agree with drilling for oil, burning coal, and disagree with co2 regulations. The reason I am in the no column is because I do not agree with all environmental laws. I personally think governments should consider the effectiveness of laws before put in place. The are many environmental laws that I disagree with.

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