Are environmentalist groups correct for criticizing Walmart?

  • Wal-Mart Gets It From Angle

    I believe environmentalist groups are correct for criticizing Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is constantly attacked by individuals and groups because some (not most) have come to realize the detrimental effects of having this corporation in our country. They are not here to "help" us, they are here to take the money and run without putting anything of value back into society. Wal-Mart supports sweat shops in other countries to provide the cheap clothing they sell Americans. They also support factories who make the crap they sell, which dump tons of emissions into the atmosphere. This affects all of us, not just some.

  • Environmentalist groups are correct for criticizing Walmart.

    Walmart has a proven record for abusing the environment and putting profits ahead of the community. It is necessary for activists to speak out against the corporate greed of this company. Together, we should all work to protect the environment against the depredations of multinationals. This is necessary to protect the environment.

  • Walmart is responsible.

    No, environmental groups are not correct for criticizing Walmart, because Walmart does not do anything to hurt the environment than anyone else who runs a business on the planet does not do. The environmentalist groups just don't like success. There are no reports of Walmart doing anything to intentionally hurt or disregard the environment.

  • No, because consumers are responsible for the growth and success of Walmart so consumers should be targeted.

    While corporations should be sensitive to the quality of our environment, there are many consumers who shop at Walmart which has obviously contributed to their large success. As long as consumer purchase their goods (which are low-quality an end up in landfills quickly), purchase their food and frequent their stories, Walmart will continue to build massive stores. Walmart needs to be sensitive to our environment, but shoppers need to be educated on how their purchases contribute to our ever-growing environmental problems.

  • No, environmentalist groups should not be criticizing Walmart, as they have take steps to be more environmentally friendly.

    While in the past, Walmart could be looked at as extremely wasteful and/or somehow harmful to the environment, these days, Walmart can be looked at as a company that has taken steps to reduce their footprint. They use some renewable energy. They also make an effort to sell local produce in many stores.

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