Are ethical issues a grounds for decision making when it comes to euthanasia?

  • Yes They Are

    I believe ethical issues are a grounds for decision making when it comes to euthanasia. I can use my last dog as an example. My poodle's name was Two and he was a tough little guy. Two times he had sought out fights with large dogs and two times he required a couple thousand dollars worth of treatment. He is the most expensive dog I will ever own in my entire life. Last summer we found Two in the backyard, unable to move his front legs at all. It was clear he had a spinal injury. We couldn't afford to treat it and his condition worsened over the next three days and he eventually stopped drinking water. I like to think using euthanasia in this case was far more humane than allowing my dog to starve himself to death.

  • Ethics and Morals

    Ethical and moral calculations frame the entire debate as to whether or not elderly and terminally ill patients can choose to end their lives peacefully with a doctor's assistance. Those people's dignity should be a central part of the discussion, since they are the ones who feel the need to do so.

  • It is wrong.

    Yes, ethical grounds are at issue for decision making when it comes to euthanasia, because without ethics in this field of medicine, we no longer need to have ethics in any field of medicine. The next thing to be decided without ethics is infanticide. We should always consider whether what we are doing is right.

  • Ethical issues should not be grounds for euthanasia decisions

    The decision to choose euthanasia should be based on an individuals preference rather than the communities idea of ethics. It is a very personal decision and the family or individual should be allowed to make that decision based on what they feel is right. Euthanasia should be allowed as an option for treatment.

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