• If they're there

    If the Roma are in the EU than they are a relevant topic of discussion when the subject of the structural fund comes up. There is always talk to talk of integrating the Roma into the greater EU society, and seperating them from other people here is not going about things properly.

  • They need a clear plan.

    Yes, EU structural funds are relevant to the Roma, because the EU has a great deal of influence in determining how the Roma situation resolves. The funds are important because money is one of the best ways to influence actions. It is important to the Roma that the EU funds be used in a judicious way to further their progress and stability.

  • The Roma are European

    The EU structural funds are relevant to the Roma, in that they are a means to reduce poverty in their home nations, and provide a better quality of life for them, by reducing disparities in Europes poorer regions. That said, there is no relevance for them in France or other European countries, as these funds are intended for the citizens of these nations, not the Roma. The EU structural funds are relevant to the Roma if they go home.

  • Yes, they control a great deal of money.

    Yes, EU structural funds are relevant to the Roma, because the Roma need guidance from the EU. With a centralized policy, Europe can respond to the Roma needs with uniformity. Structural funding is important because the EU can control a great deal of money, so its decisions have a great deal of bearing on the welfare of the Roma people.

  • Everything Gets Put Off

    EU structural funds have probably been going to other things before the Roma because the economy is still recovering. Modernizing/protecting the Roma has been delayed and won't happen anytime soon. Mainstream Europeans and the poor must be taken care of before specific groups. Only until more Europeans get jobs will structural funds be used for the Roma.

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