Are European minorities safe (yes) or do they face daily discrimination (no)?

  • It is a melting pot.

    Yes, European minorities are safe because there are relatively few incidents of violence in Europe. Someone who is in the majority in Britain would be a minority in Spain. Someone who is typical in Greece would be a minority in Italy. Europe is a melting pot, and for the most part, they all work well together and they accept each other.

  • Desrimination Is Everywhere

    Granted, I think minorities probably get treated better in Europe than they do here in the US.Of Coarse, I do not really know because I have never been to Europe. I have been to Australia and seen how they treat the aboriginals. Was not very pretty, but that was a long time ago and heard things have improved. Even though Europe is probably better and it also depends where you live. Some areas are probably worse than others. Discrimination is everywhere and most likely minorities of Europe face some type of discrimination each day.

  • No, there's discrimination.

    As with minority peoples everywhere in the world, those who live in the European countries, especially those of darker complexions or different ways, are facing discrimination every day, with the Roma people being an example but also those from India and Africa. This prejudice needs to be eradicated just as it does everywhere else.

  • European minorites continue to face discrimination

    It is a shame that all over the world, despite the advances in technology and humankind in general, there are still instances of one group hating or discriminating against another because of physical attributes. I say that discrimination is happening because it has been reported that soccer player have be attacked with racial slurs during games. This is unacceptable and should not be tolerated, but it seems to be okay to those that hear and witness it everyday.

  • European Minorities Face Discrimination Every Day

    European minorities face discrimination every day. There are incidents regarding soccer players who lay down racial slurs against African players. Some countries such as France and Britain have considered banning the burqa and hijab in public. The Roma and Travellers are discriminated against even as these two groups try to maintain their traditions instead of modernizing. Discrimination is alive and well in Europe, unfortunately.

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