• Yes, Euopean students are more cultured in the arts because there is more of an emphasis on culture in europe.

    The main difference between Europeans and Americans is that European students of a country are much more likely to share a similar background. In the US there is much fragmentation when it comes to ethnicity, and along with it, culture. Art is something that is heavily defined by a common social climate. Students who share a common culture can have greater appreciation for the product of their own background. In the U.S. a common culture does not truly exist, and so there is much less incentive to take any pride or appreciation for any form of a common history of their own or any other culture's artistic background as a collective whole.

  • More Access To Art

    I believe European students are more cultured in the arts than American students are. If you consider art history, Europe has always funded vast art and architecture problems, which are less common in the United States. European students have more access to art history and are therefore more exposed to art in general.

  • Americans get more artistic education.

    Nope, they're not. For some odd reason there are a number of Americans who view Europeans as being part of some species of extra super humans. They're just people, and their educational systems have the same failure and success rates as American schools. Overall, I think American students get more instruction in arts programs than their European counterparts.

  • American schools emphasize the arts.

    No, European students are not more cultured in the arts than American students, because American schools are not lacking for instruction in the arts and music. If anything, American education is more liberal arts. European students are locked into specific disciplines much earlier in their school careers. No culture has contributed more to popular culture than America.

  • European students are not more cultured in the arts than American students.

    European students are not more cultured than their American counterparts. Although some Europeans are very cultured, a lot of them are not cultured at all. It does not really benefit anyone to argue about who is cultured more and who is less. Many Americans are extremely sophistocated and cultured as well.

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