Are Evangelical churches too noisy and filled with music that does not harmonize with Christianity?

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  • Evangelical churches are not too noisy or musical for Christianity.

    It is not against Christianity to be loud, or to make music. Sound is a very significant part of all major religions. In fact, in the book of Genesis, God is said to create the world with sound. He says, "Let there be..." and this thing comes into existence. Sound is irremovable from religion.

  • Pray how you want

    You cannot tell someone or an organization that the way that they pray or praise their God or anything else is too loud or not appropriate. We all have different ways that we show thanks to God or pray for him. Just because it's not the same as you doesn't mean that it's wrong.

  • Evangelical music is in harmony with Christianity.

    Evangelical churches are not too noisy or filled with music that does not harmonize with Christianity. Who is to say what is harmonious and what is not. This is part of Evangelicals' religious freedom. As long as they are not pushing their music and beliefs on other people, their songs and harmonies are finely in tune with Christianity.

  • Everyone worships in their own way.

    Evangelical churches are easily labeled a church for those with ADHD. There is so much going on at a service that it becomes difficult to take it all in. This is in stark contrast to traditional catholic mass that is very quiet and typically uneventful. That does not mean that it is wrong. To limit worship beyond the confines set out in the supporting texts is just more human interference with a divine plan.

  • No, there's many ways to worship.

    I think they harmonize with Christianity in whatever way they like. If the Evangelicals feel closer to their religion by practicing it the way they do, then that's all that matters. It may not provide a connection for some, but they can find a quieter way that suits them. There are so many ways to worship, and this is a perfectly acceptable version for those who enjoy it.

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