Are ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner's actions in any way justified?

  • Chickens come back to roost.

    They had weapons on or about their persons and made threating movements which he felt put him in danger, so his use of deadly force was in fact justified. Just watch any number of police videos raiding the wrong residence and shooting INNOCENT VICTIMS and the chief always says was a justified shooting. Personally I thought he was a hero.

  • Police State / USA

    Since the start of time we have always had a group of people trying to tell everyone else what is right or wrong without holding themselves to the same standards. Please educate yourself and look at all world leaders or governments since the start of time. The Police State of the USA is by no means any different.

    All groups start off small and then name themselves a type of government, democratic, dictatorship etc. Remember that this group of people wants the masses to do as they want or say. The first thing they do is start a military and second a civilian police force. Please do not forget this is done to ensure that everyone does as they are told. Sound like a plan you know of. Now to top it off the masses are told and drilled to believe that this is in their best interest. Sounds nice and warm and fuzzy. Remember that this small group or government has done all this just for you and only wants you to pay them all of the money they can get from you. Well now the small group or gov. knows that from time to time people will get tired of this warm and fuzzy plan. They have rules or what they call laws to keep you in line and in prisons. Does this sound like any plan you know of? Well its been tried by every group of people since the start of time, all for your best interest.

    I would ask you to ask the American Indian. They were doing just fine until we came over and killed and took everything they had, and you know what? It was "in their best interest." You know they had a choice; they could simply give us all their land and pay taxes. Funny thing they did not like this plan, see where it got them.

    Next look at the Japanese Americans. If you just happened to be a yellow man you had problems. We also have the African Americans, and Chinese and Spanish along with every other group of people who do not wish to go along with THE PLAN.

    Have you ever noticed that if you do not go along with the plan you are a criminal of some type, but do not worry it is okay to make a mistake under THE PLAN. There is a PLAN for this as well, it is called paying a fine. Guess who decides what the fine is? You guessed it--the people with the army and the police and it is all done just for you!

    Now to Dorner. Well, just another poor guy not going along with the plan. Facts are Dorner has killed people, by his actions. Facts are the truth could go either way. Although to kill people is wrong if for no justification. In regard to justification to kill any one well we as a human race seem to think that we have a right to kill people that we judge are bad or simply not going along with THE PLAN.

    Heck we even have rules and laws that say we can kill one another, we do it with our army, police etc...And remember we do it for you. So remember if you choose not to go along with THE PLAN we have an army and police and rules and laws, and if you can AFFORD it we can work out a special payment plan.

    My sincerest summary of this is just to ask the American Indians or anyone else that does not like the PLAN.

    And do not forget to turn your TV on tonight for another happy night of Police State TV sagas. There are mostly police shows on TV, maybe that tells you something. Back in the 50's and 60's they called it propaganda, think it has changed. The PLAN has not changed, try going against the PLAN.

  • Christopher Dorner justified

    The LAPD has killed far more innocent people than Chris Dorner ever has. Chickens coming home to roost. How much blood has been spilled by corrupt cops in America? Many kids have been killed liked animals by cops simply because they were black. Don't give me this innocent people crap.

  • Manifeston is not 100% lies

    The censored manifesto cannot be 100% manufactured or he was in the wrong business and should be a screen writer. Several parts stand out, like some of his cop comrades having pics of injured and dead on their phones and the comments that proceed from there. The daily documented racism in America that permeates PDs also could have been a trigger. The gross in your face disrespect for the POTUS. The fact that the other official involved in the brutality case actually DID kick the victim in the chest. Come on. There are plenty of bow-leg ducks all in this story. Yeah the man may be mentally over the edge, but there seems to be a boat load of characters that were allowed to push him over the edge.

  • No doubts about it; it is wrong!

    Of course it is wrong what Dorner is doing! And that is why Obama apologized to the world for past actions. It has been a revenge mentality coming from the top that sticks to ordinary citizens. We got attacked in Pear Harbor; we go and drop atomic bombs over Japan. We disagreed with a Geneva agreement; we go and kill the Vietnamese. 911 happened; we invaded Iraq. Thank God Obama is eradicating that mentality!

    Posted by: Aned
  • NO, NEVER!

    Just because he was fired 5 years ago doesn't mean he should kill innocent people. And besides, killing people to make a point gets you nowhere. Why, you ask? Because more people oppose you than support you. Its also being a hypocrite, because many African American people are killed because of their skin color, and they oppose that. But then, right there in LA, they are killing innocent cops themselves. Just because there are a few racist cops out there doesn't justify taking the lives of those who are not racist. Just because some cops are prejudice doesn't mean that ALL cops are prejudice. No, Christopher Dorner's actions are in no way justified!

  • How could there be?

    In my opinion, there is no justification for hunting down and killing someone that has wronged you in the past. You could make a justification for killing if it was to protect your life, or the life of someone else. But to kill family members who know nothing of supposed slights in the past, just out of revenge is unjustifiable.

  • Killing innocent people is not justified

    I want to empathize with Christopher Dorner. However he has crossed the line when he involved innocent people in his rage. Not only did he choose to murder innocent people, he is a man who has no fear for consequences. I am inclined to believe that he was an innocent man before, but what he has done now has nullified any innocence.

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