• Of course YES

    Shows progress through the year
    Teaches kids how to deal with stress
    -Embracing stress can make you stronger, smarter and happier
    Helps future experiences
    -Helps people learn to prepare for other tests
    -Reminds them of what they learned
    Gives them a challenge that shows how well they are doing in that specific subject

  • Schools should have the exam

    Schools should have the exam because by the exam only the students actually know their strength and according to that they can improve themselves..
    By this way the teachers also knows what is the strength of the indivisual student.
    According to that they can plan for the poor students to improvement.

  • Schools should have exams because...

    Schools should have exams because exams show you how good you are in school so far (SCORE-GOOD OR BAD). If you know how good you are in your studies, then you can prepare for the final tests for the subject or subjects. The exams I look forward to are the ISATs because I live in Illinois and those are almost like your final exams that let you go on to the next grade or just repeat the grade.

  • Exams Are Really Not Needed

    Exams in my opinion are not really needed and students could learn and do better in school to some extend. Exams only teaches students to study the material and memorize and not learn the material. Quite to the contrary, students should be encouraged to learn and apply what they learn in real life situations that gives them a more thorough understanding of the material.

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