• Yes, exams help gauge how much students have learned.

    When students are in the classroom, there's not much way for a teacher to gauge whether or not they're taking in a lecture. And when students do homework, they often have their books open, and, except for with math, in most subjects the answers are right in front of them. Exams are helpful in seeing what students have learned because they must use their memories. Exams thus help demonstrate what they have learned, understood, and retained.

  • Best Method We Have

    I believe the next big thing in academia will be new methods to test academic success. I don't think we have any really good ideas that are fully developed at this time, but all it will take is one or two creative minds to really address the problem. As of right now, I believe exams are the best way to measure academic success.

  • Exams are the best way of testing.

    Exams are the best way of testing. It is important to be tested on a subject to make sure that you clearly understand it and that you were paying attention. I think that if schools did more exams then students would be able to retain the information that they get more often.

  • Yes, they make students learn.

    Yes, exams are the best way of testing, because they are the clearest way for students to show what they have learned. For the most part, they are also fair to students, because it is harder for a teacher to grade a test subjectively than to give preference to a student they like on a paper.

  • Exams are not good for long term memory

    Examinations, set with short time limits, only add pressure to the students unnecessarily. Students are not encouraged to 'learn' the material per se, rather often just regurgitate. This leads to most students not remembering that material a few months down the line after the exam is over - the effort hence seems rather redundant. Better than exams is project-based learning which allows practical reinforcement of the material by applying the material to real projects. This allows the students to not only remember better down the line, but also helps to see it's application in more than one way.

  • No they aren't

    No I do not think that exams are the best way of testing. I think that exams are good for some people, but they are not good for everyone. There are other methods that can be used to test people. Some people just are not good at taking exams even if they know the material.

  • Exams are not the best

    Exams and high stakes testing does not really achieve the results their proponents claim, but rather cause massive stress and anxiety that often leads to very disastrous results. It's time to stop working students to death and actually give them a life, and enough of the focus on excellence. It's time to get rid of that.

  • Exams are not the best way of testing

    Exams are not the best way of testing and seeing how someone is doing in a class. In my opinion, it just gives students the impression that the exam is the only thing worth learning, as a result, students put countless of hours learning to pass exams and not actually learning the class materials.

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