Are excess weight fees for overweight airplane passengers generally too expensive?

  • Go fat people

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  • Excess fees for heavy people huh...

    So lets start charging the handicaped since they need a special seating area, while the fuel and weight in an airplane are understandable I'm sorry is I question human consideration at this point. Some people are just genetically big come from a line of overweight people plus honestly when have you ever met a large person who wanted to be big. this is harshly pointing it out and im sorry america is a country of LARGE people making chairs that have arms that flip up is not a hard adjustment.

  • This whole law just sounds ridiculous to me, because it boils down to being a tax on being fat.

    It is ridiculous to charge people extra money because they are overweight. Any amount of money is too much, and the fact that this is even a question is appalling. What's next, a discount to people that are underweight? How about a bonus for the skinniest passenger? This is just insane. Don't overweight people have enough to worry about? They already have to pay more money on food and clothes. Leave them alone. Weight control is a very real issue and it's one that is difficult to control.

    Posted by: DullBenito
  • Yes, because why should someone have to pay $25 if their bag is 40 pounds overweight, but then pay $150 if they are overweight themselves?

    I think that airlines need to adjust to the growing sizes of their customers, instead of trying to make the seats smaller and cram more people in, then charge you more because they made the seat too small for you. They should have to accommodate the passenger. Someone can carry 10 bags on some airlines with a weight of 50 pounds each, and only pay $50 per bag. But if a human with 1 carry-on is 50 pounds overweight, then they must buy a second ticket for $300. This is not acceptable, and should not be tolerated. Bags or humans, the plane cannot distinguish which is carrying the weight. Maybe they should weigh people with their bags, and then determine who is really overweight.

    Posted by: C0nrKentros
  • I agree that weight fees are generally too expensive, passengers cannot help that they have a few extra pounds on their person, and the excessive fees would even become overkill for those who are extremely overweight.

    The weight fees placed on someone who is considered overweight are a form of discrimination. These people cannot help the fact that they are over what we consider to be a normal weight, most may have health problems such as diabetes or hypothyroidism. Some airlines have begun to charge per kilo as they do for luggage. Let's look at the math, theoretically let's say that it's a charge of ten dollars per kilo and someone is about ten kilos overweight, that's 100 dollars! Some people who are extremely overweight might have to pay two times the cost of their ticket due to these fees. Now, if you think about it even further a vast majority of the United States population is obese or overweight at this time, think about how much business the airlines would lose if overweight people choose not to fly anymore due to the discrimination against them.

    Posted by: gaguailia
  • I agree that weight fees are too hefty, because people fly for convenience and because it's cheaper than gas for the car.

    Overweight airline fees are ridiculously expensive and excessive. I do agree that with the price of oil skyrocketing, airlines need to do something to recoup their losses. Not all airlines were as smart as Southwest and locked in a price per barrel that won't ever go up. However, in America, it's generally accepted now that many people are overweight. In fact, 34% of adults are medically considered obese! Charging people for two seats--even if they fit into one, just because of their weight--is excessive and humiliating for those passengers. People fly for the convenience, and that convenience is getting worse as it is: charging for water, pillows, and blankets, not allowing people to go to the lavatory, charging for more than one piece of luggage, etc. Charging double for a passenger who is overweight is just overdoing it. Pretty soon it'll be cheaper to drive everywhere.

    Posted by: CandaceB
  • Charging fees for the overweight are unjust.

    Airlines charging obese individuals fees, and double seat charges is discrimination. One has no right to charge someone less or more based upon weight. They are offering a service, which is transportation, ones weight doesn't make it any harder or easier to complete this task. Thus airlines should charge one price for all.

    Posted by: ChuckGenius
  • Excess weight fees are generally double the amount of a normal fee, so yes.

    They should have an exact weight that passengers must be under and then charge them per pound over that weight. In the end the airlines would probably realize it is easier to charge per pound for everyone or stop the stupid fees.

    Posted by: StormGra
  • Any extra fee assessed to a passenger because of their weight is too much.

    An airplane passenger should not have to pay an extra fee because they are overweight. It's discrimination and not pc, at all. And I, personally, think it's bad business. It's like a buffet charging people because they eat too much. Or, mass transit charging larger riders more than others. Or hotel rooms charging people more because they never left their room. Sounds crazy.

    Posted by: MohaI0v35
  • Excess weight fees for overweight passengers are not too expensive because depending on the size of the person, they may need to use two seats and should pay for both.

    If a passenger is so fat that he or she overflows into the second seat, the overweight person should be responsible for paying for that seat. It is extremely uncomfortable sitting next to a person like that and if that seat should remain empty because of their overflow, then they should be responsible and not the airline. It's like if parents have to pay full price for their one year old to have their own seat, then overweight people should be responsible to pay for two full priced seats if they overflow into the second seat.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • Excess weight fees for overweight airplane passengers are not too expensive, because I think everyone should be charged by the pound.

    I personally think the airlines should charge by the pound. Weight determines how much fuel they have to use to get from point A to point B. So I think they should charge a by-the-pound fee for the passenger and whatever luggage someone wants to bring along. If you don't want to pay as much, don't bring along so much luggage, or lose some weight.

    Posted by: 5h4tAnkI
  • No. I support extra fees for overweight airplane passengers because they need more seat space than other passengers.

    Airline space for seating has gotten smaller and smaller the past several years. When an overweight passenger sits next to a regular-sized passenger, that passenger is forced into an even smaller area. By making the obese pay more, perhaps it will encourage them to either lose weight or to travel some other way. It really isn't fair for the non-obese to have to give way and lose some of their seat and knee space. Of course, if an overweight passenger pays "double" they should be allowed two seats for what they pay. This way all passengers can be accommodated. If an airline ends up reserving slightly more spacious seats for overweight passengers, they should be charged accordingly. It's difficult enough to squeeze into an airplane seat now, and leg room is practically nonexistent. Let's allow the airlines to charge more and give a bit more room to the obese.

    Posted by: 54nGuy
  • Weight fees for overweight airline passengers, I feel, might be motivation for that same passenger to lose weight and start a healthier way of life.

    As the old phrase goes in this country, "Money talks", and it might be the biggest motivator for overly obese people to finally make a decision to seriously commit to losing weight and becoming healthier. The United States has a problem with obesity on an epidemic level. We have allowed obesity to be justified with too many weak excuses. Is it not beneficial to the nation as a whole to have healthy and active citizens? If money is the only way to motivate then so be it. Higher prices on cigarettes have dropped the number of smokers significantly so I think it is safe to say that higher costs on being obese would have the same affect.

    Posted by: BrianDj
  • I disagree with the argument that overweight airplane passengers are charged too expensively.

    Airlines spend a lot of fuel for every pound they carry on-board. If a person is overweight he is carrying much more pounds in weight with him than another co-passenger who is much lighter than him, then why should the lighter person pay more by weight to cost ratio. Secondly, the airlines charge the same amount that they bear in carrying the weight and that must be transferred on to the overweight passengers.

    Posted by: EfremI0v3r
  • Excess weight fees for baggage are expensive, but necessary

    Excess weigh fees for airplane baggage allow the airlines to promote having lighter baggage. The extra weight is a hazard to airline employees who must handle the baggage.

    Posted by: EmmeAnguris
  • Excess weight fees are reasonable, since it costs the airline more to transport the overweight.

    One of the biggest factors in the cost of sending an airplane from one place to another is fuel. The fuel factor can make or break an airline, as the price of gas is not something they can control. The weight of the aircraft, which includes everything on board the aircraft, affects how much fuel the plane will have to use to get to its destination. They calculate these costs based on average weights. So, if you weigh double or triple the weight of an average person, then their costs are increased. Why should the airline have to lose money, because you can't lose weight? It's a reasonable charge to help offset the increased cost of transporting a heavier person.

    Posted by: LowlyMilton
  • Excess weight fees are not too excessive, because the airlines still need to make a profit and accommodate all other passengers.

    Airlines have a responsibility to their customers to provide a safe and comfortable travel experience. If one passenger causes discomfort and reduced safety to other passengers, due to their physical girth, this should be paid for by the passenger inducing the discomfort, not the passengers who must suffer the discomfort.

    Posted by: C0n5tGet
  • Excess weight fees for overweight airplane passengers make sense, because they do require more fuel to be used.

    Fuel costs for airlines are significant. The amount of weight on a plane does burn more fuel when taking off, and maintaining altitudes. Since everyone is charged extra for overweight or extra luggage, it is only fair that overweight passengers pay extra for the extra body weight they bring on the plane. The engines and fuel bills don't care where the extra weight comes from.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • Honestly, it is fair for an airline to charge someone more if they weigh too much, because it causes more expense to the airline.

    The fact is that an airline needs to go to extra trouble when people push weight and size limitations. It does cost more to have seat belt extensions, and it can cause problems to passengers seated near them. An airline will want to be cautious of inconveniencing other passengers. I think it would even be fair to charge someone for two seats if, realistically, they take up more than one seat's worth of space.

    Posted by: DizzyCasey

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