• Pictures do not lie.

    Existing mucoid plaque pictures are sufficient evidence of its existence. There is no readon to believe that this is a made up phenomenon. The human body is being taxed by polluted foods, air, and water every day. This accumulates in the body and reportedly forms said mucoid plaque. I think the pictures are the evidence people need to make a change.

  • No, they aren't.

    Nothing about the claims of mucoid plaque have been verified by scientists, researchers and doctors. These claims are simply presented by alternative doctors who are trying to make money. They need to give their supposed findings to peer review studies and prove once and for all that this entire thing is real.

  • Mucoid Plaque Pictures

    I personally think that since it is more technology used in every day life it would be a little difficult to know if mucoid plaque pictures sufficient evidence of its existence. I personally think that it would take a lot of research to figure out and come to a conclusion based on the research.

  • No They're Not

    Physicians do not support the use of products that claim to cleanse mucoid plaque. They have also stated that these products, often found on the Internet, may create the substances users label as mucoid plaque. Therefore, I have to believe that the pictures are not sufficient evidence of its existence.

  • We live in the age of photoshoped pictures.

    These days it can be hard to trust what you see on the web. Technology has brought us various photo editing software. This has made it increasingly difficult to determine if photos are real or fake. The best way to discern the truth is to research multiple sources and compare your findings to reach an educated conclusion.

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