Are expensive brand names a must for businessmen?

  • Culture of Business

    Armani. Rolex. Clive Christian. These brand names are all expensive for businessmen to buy so they can look and feel good. Yet the culture of today's business world almost requires men who want to get ahead to buy these expensive items in order to create an air of richness about them. Businessmen are all about making money, so they need to appear to have money whether they make six figures or not. Sometimes to get ahead, men to spend a little to make a little.

  • Whatever is comfortable, whether it be expensive or inexpensive is dependent on the man wearing it.

    Men are fairly simple when it comes to clothing. Of course the clothes must look good to set a good example for a company. However there isn't a specific mental contest men play at work to see whos the better businessman when it involves clothes. To men, work is simply just about that. Working hard and getting their job done is a main priority. You want to start the day feeling good, so one puts on clothes that look good. But once your job starts, thats all one focuses on. There isn't enough spare time for must to focus on anything else.

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