• Yes, fair elections are possible, but not likely in Afghanistan's current state.

    Elections in Afghanistan are open to so much corruption in part because they are so big. The Afghan National Government can not secure the entire country with it's current forces and influence despite lots of support from the US. If Afghanistan was broken into smaller states along already existing loyalties and geographic features of the region, then the local governments that ally with the US would have an easier time securing their borders. The state or states created that were loyal to the Taliban would be easier to sanction and monitor if they were separated from the rest of Afghanistan.

  • Fair Elections Possible Only After Corruption, Taliban Corrected

    Fair elections in Afghanistan will only happen after the corrupt federal officials in Kabul clean up bribery and nepotism. The Taliban will also have to be eliminated. Fair elections are possible, but not under U.S. standards. There will always be some measure of "unfairness" simply because the tribal culture of Afghanistan is different from that of the United States. Tribal warlords still rule remote parts of Afghanistan and may not recognize so-called "legitimate" elections coming from the capital.

  • No they are not

    Fair elections in Afghanistan will never be possible as long as there is Taliban prescense in the region. I think they would do everything in their power, including violence, to sway the election in their favor or even prevent an election period. I think that many people that could vote in the elections would be too scared to even go to the polls to cast their vote. I'm not even sure there will ever be a fair election in the region.

  • It is impossible when the voters are fearful

    When a person is afraid to cast their vote, fair elections will never be possible. When the opposite sex is not allowed to be educated and cast their vote, it will not be possible. There would need to be a total over throw of the governent which supports education of all will be the only way a fair election will be possible.

  • Not the way the country is now.

    I don't think that Afghanistan its current state can support fair elections. Warlords and tribal chiefs still hold a lot of control, and they're not likely to give up that control simply because some election they had nothing to do with (and might not have even known about) says they have to. It is not a society with a long democratic tradition, and it shows.

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