• Yes, fake news reports are a new plague

    Although it is unfair to say that the news and media have been true draw history. It is fair to say that the media in some cases have manipulated the press to push a certain agenda. But as of late Fitness reports have been so bothersome that people are having a hard time determining what's real and what's fake. It has gotten to the point where fake news stories are even being shared on social media pages and starting huge uproars.

  • Yes, fake news reports are a new plague.

    Yes, fake news reports should be considered to be a new plague. As evidenced by the "Pizzagate" debacle, fake news stories have the ability to incite violence against innocent people. News sources such as Google and Facebook have a duty to weed out these stories so that people make their decisions based on truthful reports.

  • There's mainstream fake news

    Fake news has been an issue for a long time, it's just getting new buzz as a convenient excuse for Democrats who lost the election. The reports about Iraq having WMDs in 2003 was fake news of the highest order, yet Democrats signed with Republicans to declare war. It's a lazy awful excuse for bad politics.

  • They are a plague, but it's not new.

    Fake news is a huge problem, but it's not new. This has been going on for a long time. It only became so well-known in recent months because of the election and the fact that the mainstream media started talking about it. One major problem is that some of the people who are fooled by fake news are convinced that real news is fake and the news that they consume is "the only real news." This blurring of truth and fiction is going to continue to cause problems in the future.

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