• Family Court ABOLISHMENT

    There is truly no such thing as "FAMILY LAW" and these are money hungry systems abusing the rights of families all across the nation. It is out of control. These judges, CPS, AG, And attorneys are all in collusion and this cannot continue. We have got to stand up and fight.

  • Kenosha, Wisconsin Family courts a corrupt Joke!

    Family court is not going to give you any relief from issues. It is only there to encourage and create more! Not for the child's best interest. They are there to tear apart families and make a huge buck in support of those who can pay the price! Guardian Ad litems do not investigate, If they do it is to hide evidence or flip it around in support of the opinion they want to portray in court. Attorney State bar is a Joke. They support to protect the Attorneys, Not to hold them accountable for anything. Our Family wizard is a waste of time and money! No one oversees anything. If there is any evidence to supporting your side. It will never be seen or heard anyways! Family court is just a business to make money and not for Justice or to help anyone but themselves!

  • Family court is a joke

    They let children go to abusive fathers
    Ignore all of the evidence that the child is being abused and neglected
    My son is begging to come home and all I get is "hes too young to know any better" hes 9 and far more mature and smarter than most adults I've ever met

  • New Orleans Family Court and Attorneys Corruption at an all time high!

    New Orleans Family court took my 13 yr old child by illegally assuming jurisdiction, Colluded with opposing attorney, And granted father domicile without due diligence of verifying fathers history or financial stability or due process of my rights. Now post 3 years Child is being abused, Neglected, Is a throwaway dad kicked her out and child has assumed autonomy to do and think however, The I am grown mentality. This corruption has destroyed and divided me from my child. Sad part no other agencies intervenes when they see it is a family court issue. Now my child is lost (missing) and I am suffering from debilitated mental, Physical and emotional issues. All because they lie and say it’s In the Best Interest of the child. . . More like worst interest!

  • Jackson county missouri child protection services Kidnap children

    My family was hot lined falsely over and over by an angry sister inlaw. THEy husband and i had 2 children one was 13 other 10 we was going threw a separation and lived separately a investigator fromCPS SHOW UP to THE House of husbands, He don't answer to anyone we don't know he knocked several times rang door bell and we didn't answer so he went to land lord who let him in he spoke to my husband and not one time did he come speak to me the mother one day i visited the kids and the investigater call for a emergency family meeting we had to bring children to we got there and they snatched our kids from us and was not allowed to see or speak to them for thirty days only due to a person stating we were drug addicts over ten years ago i got untrouble for one pill on my person no other trouble

  • Men need not apply!

    Anyone who has had the unfortunate opportunity to attend family court KNOWS how corrupt family court judges are. These clowns dressed in robes will berate hard working, Loving Fathers based on the lies ANY woman tells in court. The men and women who choose this calling are truly enemies of the public.

  • Family court corrupt and usually the decisions are made before the judge walks not the court room. It’s bias and never listens to the evidence

    I was held in contempt after I filed for emergency custody. My children reported they were physical, Sexually, And emotional abused by their father. The therapist reported it to DSS. They refused to go see their father. Case worker did come to court, Judge threw case out. He got visitation, Children still abused, I had to paid his court costs, Almost did 30 days in jail, Several injuries since, Until they took kids completely from me and charged me with filed false reports emotional abuse, And haven’t seen kids in months.

  • Family Court is corrupt, No best interest of children, Only goal is to make money for court admins.

    Judge literally said "all dads are good dads" refused to hear witness testimony by EX Dallas PD RE substance abuse post failed rehab, He had lied about previous divorce (bigamy) and judge just blew it off. (said it happens all the time - no big deal) ex admitted he was still married when he married me & lied to me about it, But it was omitted from transcripts, Oddly enough. Never paid child support,
    (was still being garnished for grown kids in CA that he had abandoned) didn't pay GAL even though it was him who wanted to terminate parental rights. They tried to force me to pay for transport/visitation (over 1500 miles 1 way) on visit schedule for over 5 - daughter was 2 and had had no contact except for a couple of time when I took her to see his family because he refused to drive to see her. He refused to pay any support, Cancelled her insurance (she was under care of orthopedic doc at the time). I was accused of "alienation" even though she didn't know him (hiding because he owed child support & paid nothing) and couldn't even talk. His/my attorneys conspired to change an agreement we had - my own attorney claimed he "lost" his notes. . . When I offered to show him mine - he said that X's attorney could make any changes he wanted and I still had to sign or be sued for "breach of contract". Went to court with AG's office in a final attempt to get child support in 04' - his attorney strolled into court w arm around Angel Bromley (ag's rep). She lied and said that I had agreed to give up @30k in arrears. . . I had to file an appeal. The whole court was a sham. EX now owes over 180k in arrears - they made me move & give up my job to give him "access" and he has never so much as called the child/sent her a card. Not once in 16 yrs. There were so many games going on, It should be a sport in the Olympics. Family courts ruin lives, Harm children and only enrich court admins. Leadership Council says over 58K kids a year were put in care of their abusers w no supervision. New study by Geo. Washington Law Uni. Says that fathers w abuse allegations against them are more likely to win custody (81%) than those without (67%). Abusive fathers more likely to ask for custody and more likely to get it than good moms.

  • Travis County Texas corruption

    My husband was awarded primary custody with no grounds for changing our 50/50 agreement. I don’t have money for an attorney so he won the suit. I was served papers on a Monday at 5Pm and was in court on that Wednesday. The whole system is so unjust and they need to be exposed.

  • Travis County Texas Family Court is very corrupt

    There is no oversight, no accountability and collusive partnerships between attorneys, family professionals, GAL's and judges exist. The collaboratively create conditions for conflict to exist and persist sometimes for extended periods of time while they use children as a commodity and extort victim/targeted parents for obscene amounts of money for useless services and interventions by biased professionals that align themselves with the attorneys/GAL's that will be more likely to refer them more business long term. It's a provable racket when you look at how often these "players" that frequent the courtrooms and align with each other. They are biased determine a parents fitness using questionable ethics and biased relationships to determine which parent "wins" custody. Most often the targeted/vulnerable parent that is at financial disadvantage looses access to the children, alienated from them, and bankrupt by a court system that does not care about the children they all profit from while they destroy their lives, and rob the children of their childhoods, leaving them damaged for life from trauma.

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