• There is more farms then trees.

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  • No, farms aren't more important than rainforests.

    Farms are very important for keeping a nation fed, but they're also highly polluting to the environment. For example, cows are a high producer of methane gas, which can lead to global warming. Rainforests replenish the oxygen in the environment. It's impossible to say which is more important; it's more that we need both--each one nourishes us in a different way.

  • Farms Are Not More Important That Rainforests

    I do not believe farms are more important than rainforest's. Farms are vital for humans because they supply the local, and sometimes, the global community, depending on size. On the other hand, rainforest's, are excellent for the environment because of their unique habits and ability to filter oxygen at high rates. Both are very important.

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