• Fast food companies are pouring death into the veins of the world.

    Fast food is bad. There's no other way of describing it. It kills, there is a direct link between fast food and cardiovascular disease. People seem to interpret the 'good' taste and cheap price of fast food to mean that fast food is good, or it's at least okay. They do not realize how bad it is. I have heard that the Americans are complaining that Monsanto is trying to kill them for profit, and then they are turning around and buying food from fast food companies that have been embraced for decades as they do just that.

  • Risks Associated with Fast Food

    They are deficient in vitamins, protein and/or minerals, but rich in sodium and other harmful additives. This leads to diseases like diabetes, obesity, cardiac problems, clogged arteries, reduced bone strength and many other health related problems. For someone who consumes these in excess, it may lead to acidity and liver failure due to the high amount of fat, salts and oil in it. Too much of junk food on a regular basis can make an individual overweight due to the extra calories.
    If v consume it in limit then it is ok but people get addicted from fast food which is not good

  • Some food is good

    Fast food places are great! Not everything is bad. There are even good foods at my favorite restaraunt. (McDonald's) now don't accuse me just because I like fast food. For example McDonald's chicken wrap Is very good and healthy. As well as their salads. In conclusion, not all fast food is bad for you

  • Fast Food Companies are just businesses who are profiting and fueled by their daily customers.

    Fast FOOD is bad. The companies? They are actually really smart. They made a system that works! Easily prepared food, cheap, and tastes good! Fast Food Companies such as McDonald's are targeted because they are serving bad food. I agree. However, in a trial where Mcdonalds was accused of being a major source and cause of obesity. Do you know what they said? They said that it is common sense for processed food to be unhealthy. So why are we getting in trouble for our customers' choices? As sad as it is, it is us. We eat the food. We love the food. And most importantly, we buy the food. And instead of waiting for the Fast Food Companies to stop serving crap and change, we NEED TO BE THE CHANGE.

  • They're not bad

    Fast food companies aren't bad because you are allowed to have a balance of healthy and unhealthy foods in your life. It needs to be balanced out, so fast food companies aren't bad because they allow you to indulge in unhealthy foods. Yes, fast food is bad for you, but if you balance it out with some healthy food, they won't be bad

  • People give them too much credit.


    "A fast food chain doesn't claim to be healthy- they sell [you] burgers and fries [openly], they don't claim to be a farmers market."

    -Jim Gaffigan (Of all the sources I could possibly find)

    Nobody really goes into a fast food restaurant expecting wholesome food.
    They just want to get in, shut their hunger sense up, and leave. It depends on your economic situation and how lazy you are.

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