Are Fast-Food companies the ones to blame for obesity?

Asked by: TheBeanan
  • Fast food is the problem

    There are many branches of bad foods that come off of fast food. Fast food is also so cheap making it affordable for people who cant afford healthy foods. If fast food restaurants wern't so cheaper didn't exist obesity would not be as big of a problem as it is today

  • It is the people's choice.

    People have complete 100% control and power over what they eat, when they eat, and how they eat. Fast-Food companies aren't forcing us to come in and eat their food. Yes Fast-Food companies advertise, but they are advertisements, not military recruitment's. Don't blame Fast-Food for your decisions, mistakes, and irresponsibility.

  • Depends. Maybe no.

    It could be yes or no. I decided to be on disagree side because fast food companies don't force us to eat their foods. We have our own decisions to make and if we don't eat them, then we don't. It matters on the individual choices.
    Although fast food companies are the reason why the obesity exists in today's world, they still need to make a living.

  • The obesity epidemic in America cannot be blamed on one industry

    We can't blame obesity on one company it's much more complicated than that. I blame it on the deregulation of capitalism under the Reagen administration that allowed Cooperations like McDonalds to thrive. We need to shut down the FDA and leave states up to regulating the food industry. The United States is simply too big to have any one organization regulate such a broad thing.

    Not only fast food restaurants but a majority of food today is causing obesity. The only way to prevent your body from sickness and yes I consider obesity to be a sickness is to give it the right food. Most food found in your average grocery store unless your talking Whole Foods Market has no nutrional value what so ever and contains all sorts of artificial chemicals, preservatives, and sweeteners. Eating less doesn't work either because it slows down your metabolism. We don't need to eat less, we need to eat more of the wholesome foods that our bodies thrive on. The good news is more and more grocery stores are carrying organic foods.

  • Obesity in america Is more than just fast food.

    The other huge factor in obesity is sugar, Americans on average eat more than triple the amount of advised sugar. Also many people don't understand what different stuff does to their bodies for example, i can choose to eat corn flakes with no sugar and I might as well be eating frosted flakes because the starch is just as bad as the sugar. Also even things that are advertised as healthy usually aren't that much better than the original product. For example, 2 juices made by the same company, one says sugar free but when you look at further examination it's got a ton of a synthetic product that's basically sugar and then some. Organic isn't even that organic, the gov. lets companies get away with stuff. The USDA approved organic symbol is as good as it's going to get and they are allowed to slip up like 10%.

  • It's your choice

    Fast-food companies are not to blame for the obesity epidemic. It is the person’s choice to eat fast-food; the company isn’t forcing them to eat there. Others may say that just by existing the fast-food industry has started this pandemic but the people are the ones that choose to eat there knowing it probably wasn’t the best food to eat. According to QSR magazine, no one can say for sure that fast-food is the entire reason why obesity is such a problem. Nobody can blame the fast-food industry for obesity when they are doing nothing to force people to come to their restaurants to eat their bad food.

  • I eat healthy but...

    Places like mcdonalds have many healthy items on their menu. It is your choice whether you want the unhealthy stuff or not. Besides, fast food companies aren't the only place in the world that sells unhealthy food. Look at your grocery store, there will be tons of stuff like chocolate bars or chips.

    Posted by: J5
  • Your Own Fault

    People love fast food restraunts and if they took them away alot of people would be upset. So really the Fast food companies is providing what the customers want but the customers are eating what they want from these restraunts-leading to obesity. I personally think that if you think your obese, then dont blame it on the companies you eat from- blame it on yourself.

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