• Fathers' custody rights are treated the same.

    There have been enough instances and examples of fathers being granted custody over their children instead of the mothers now that we can definitively say that father's rights are not being slighted in favor of mother's rights. This is simply an older convention that has since been fixed with all of the single fathers now in existence.

  • Fathers' custody rights are not treated the same as a mothers.

    Fathers' custody rights are not treated the same as a mothers. I think that if a mother has custody then it is very hard for the father to gain any sort of rights to their children. However, if the father has the rights then it is usually easy for the mother to get control.

  • No, I don't think fathers' custody rights are treated the same as a mothers.

    I think it's very unfortunate but overall the court system favors the mother over the father in any custody dispute, I think fathers' rights are dramatically lower in this area then they have right to be and I think this is an area that needs dramatic reform in our family justice system.

  • There's such a bias.

    No, fathers' custody rights are not treated the same as mothers, because in custody issues, the mother can do no wrong. The mother only has to suggest the father is a deadbeat, and we send the father off to supervised parenting time. If a father wants to have a meaningful relationship with their children, they have a hard time doing so.

  • It Really Varies

    One of the major problems in the United States is the varying custody laws that impact people across the country. Custody laws are entirely dependent on what state you are in and they can conflict if you reside or visit different states. To me this is a huge problem that parents are paying for on a daily basis and it is entirely unfair to the common citizen in the United States. With that said, I believe it far less common for the fathers custody rights to be treated the same as the mothers.

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