Are federal forfeiture laws being too widely used in federal cases?

  • Federal Forfeitures Are Out of Control

    Federal forfeitures are completely out of control. They seize assets and property before you are proven guilty. Even if you are later fund not guilty, you do not receive the property back. Instead you have the burden of proof and have to seek the return of your property. This process could take years and lots of legal fees.

  • The goverment needs to take control of resources.

    The federal forfeiture laws are not being too widely used in federal cases. This is because if the government were to allow people who commit crimes to keep property associated with guilt or illegal actions, then there would be no reason to arrest and jail people. These laws help protect society.

  • They are seldom used.

    No, federal forfeiture laws are not being used too widely in federal cases, because you seldom even hear about them being used. When they are used, they are used only on cases that deserve it. It is fair that you should give up what you earned or got by committing a crime.

  • Generally federal forfeiture laws are being properly used in federal cases.

    There has been some debate over the years on the use of federal forfeiture laws which have typical arisen from cases involving illegal drug operations. One can point to specific cases where an overzealous approach from prosecutors has added fire to the debate. Fortunately, there are other laws in place to safeguard against excessive penalties involving the forfeiture of property. Overall, considering the strength of the adversarial system, federal authorities do not often have a chance to successfully over-reach using these laws.

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