Are Felons More Likely to Vote for Democrats over Republicans?

  • Of Course; Usually they both share the same ideology

    For the few studies done; its been estimated that 70% of felons would vote democratic. So what usually ( not always ) is the mentality of prisoners and how they got there???

    1) I'm always the victim.
    2) I'm not responsible for my actions; they are.

    Which generally rings in the democratic arena. Females are ALWAYS the victim. Race is ALWAYS the victim. The government OWES for living; I'm not responsible for the life I'm living and the government needs to fix it.

  • Felons are probably democrats.

    If felons have the ability to vote, they will probably be
    Democrats simply because Republicans have made such a show of being hard on
    crime. Statistically, many felons are
    minorities, and a large percentage of minorities also vote Democrat
    regularly. Also, many felons may choose
    not to vote for Republicans because of the Republican support of the death

  • No, Felons are not more likely to vote Democrat over Republican.

    No, Felons are not more likely to vote Democrat over Republican as both parties are fairly tough on felony convicts. However, both parties also support reformation programs as the Democrats tend to favor social reform, but the Republicans tend to favor picking oneself up by one's bootstraps and strating over. Thus, both parties are equally as likely to be voted for.

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