• FEMA camps are bad.

    FEMA has not been able to provide adequate camps for people displace by natural disasters. As everyone saw after Hurricane Katrina, most of the people placed in FEMA camps were not satisfied by the conditions. FEMA was also slow to reply to the disaster, and many people were left homeless for some time after the hurricane hit.

  • Fema will kill you!

    FEMA will put people into camps and if you do not comply with all orders no matter how heinous will simply kill you and anyone else who does not bow to them. Remember the holocaust? The government fears and hates it's citizens and are trying to destroy us already. We need to revolt now!

  • Killing innocent people

    These FEMA camps are just being used to kill of the US population mainly the true Israelites/ dark-skinned people. They are trying to make tests on people and just completely wipe them out so that there will be no one who can stop them. The edomites, whites, time is coming to an end, we have 7 years before God comes back and kills a lot of people, mainly edomites. The US/illuminati are trying to build up themselves an army to fight God. Heh good luck with that. They want to hide the truth so no one will stand against them.

  • FEMA Camps are DANGEROUS

    With martial law in place, you will have no rights or freedom so the government can do whatever they want to with you, even if that may be killing you to begin New World Order. It can't be a coincidence that suddenly 5 Wal-Marts closed, all above the tunneling system in America

  • They are both

    They are intended to help people in say a hurricane or other natural disaster. That is until they are full.
    Now, say a war breaks out, then they are capable of holding Americans as prisoners.
    Example: Pensacola , Fl. The Government purchased a decommissioned air force base, erected large gunner towers and razor wire, facing inward fencing around the perimeter. (Google map it) which is housing thousands of grey paddy wagon type vehicles. They line the old runways.
    It's a massive facility.
    In Ohio the government has reopened prisons and are now designated FEMA camps.
    Conspiracy is a term used by probability without actual evidence.
    I look at it this way, when/if a major disaster like economical collapse, fall of the petro dollar, war or any declaration of martial law ensues, I'd rather everyone be rounded up like cattle and stuck in these so called camps.
    That way my friends , family and myself can have an easier time going where we want to go to be safe. Without worrying about millions of people wondering about desperate and dangerous.
    So to you, the people out there that say FEMA camps are good I say yes they are and you should go there in a time of crisis.
    For everyone else keep your heads down and be safe and for christs sakes think ahead and plan for a disaster.
    Get off your cellphones and laptops!

  • Sounds Like Holocaust

    If you all stop a moment and think and realize that Hitler said "Oh, we are simply protecting the Jews from harm from corrupt people!" and FEMA is saying: "We are protecting you from being hurt but don't mind the artillery and electric fences joined by the millions of plastic coffins we have here you'll be fine!" but this isn't the case if you go on YouTube and look up #OpFEMA you will see a video where I, a member of AntiSec has created and has woken people up to the terrors known as Department of homeland Securities in FEMA!

  • Yes fema camps are bad.

    Look at the documents that are shown the H.R. 645 document proves that there are only a few regulations that are needed to put the camps there. And im cereous why do we need razor fences and watch towers if there there to help us with housing for a hurricane or other natural disaster that is unnecessary for the camps to be exactly like a prison

  • No, I do not think so.

    FEMA just allows for the government to be prepared for any situation that escalades to far and they need to pull help in. It is there for emergencies and is there to protect the people and the government. From what I do know about it the FEMA does not sound bad, but I could be misunderstand what it is.

  • First Hand Experience

    I live in S.W. Florida and experienced Hurricane Charley firsthand and lived just miles from FEMA city in Punta Gorda. These people lost everything and needed somewhere to live. It is not meant to be forever, and in fact the 'city' is now gone and all the people have moved on. If you have never experienced something like this, and have seen total destruction of a whole community, you can't grasp what these trailers can do for people who have lost everything. If you are against this, would be truly willing to open your house to strangers who need help, a place to live?

  • No, they aren't.

    They get an enormously bad rep from conspiracy theorists. No they won't exterminate you, I can't begin to describe how silly that is. With that being being said, they don't run things too comfortably either. Either way, the notion that they are here to KILL YOU?? Under what motive? What will that prove or solve? How will that work even short term? It isn't 1940. The guy on the "yes" side mentioned plastic coffins. That came from a video showing giant plastic black coffin things and the conspiracy community went rampant fear. Those things are meant to house wooden coffins so they last longer. Seriously, it takes 5 minutes of research to find that out.

  • No, I do not agree,

    All I think is that FEMA is supposed to help people and not hurt them, they can move them to a different location if necessary, or just put them in there camps, no one is trying to hurt citizens, it id good, and I think that all in all it makes our nation better, stronger, and fiercer.

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