• Girls are no more or less safe then boys.

    Safe is a relative term, and open for interpretation. I.E. Safe from gangs, rape, social pressure, violence? I have a daughter, and I take her safety very seriously. For me, safe is a low likelihood of violent acts being committed upon her. The statistics over all are pretty even for boys vs girls. Over all nation wide violence has gone down a lot. Now this also depends where you live, but over all it is lower. No that does not mean we do not have more we can do to make it safer, just that it is safer than 10, 20, or 30 years ago.

  • Girls are safer

    Feminists and lesbians are trying to make it look like they are stepped on and subjected by men, and that WAS true 50 years ago, but today its the other way around. Guys have a lot of unfairness and discrimination thrown at them but they are not allowed to speak about it because then they are whining, but if a women whine then she is strong and wise (even if she is sprouting nonsense). Why is this you might ask answer is "i don't know" maybe society think its the girls turn to have a good time on someone else expense, maybe i am wrong (well we both know i am not but sometimes you got to be humble).
    Fact is still fact even if you try to overlook it, for example: guys and girls who does the same crime have to spend a different amount of time in jail, guys have to spend 50% longer time. And this is only one out of hundreds of facts that no one care about, why (this one i know) its because they are guys!

  • The pathetic background

    No...In today's world and especially in India, girls are not safe. The main problem lies in education and the lack of morality in individuals. It is not the low earning vagabonds, but the maced people are also involved in this. And the problem lies in the roots of the individuals, the kind of background they have come from, the kind of upbringing they had, and the kind of mentality they have. These people can only come under by strict laws because these people dont understand the meaning of love and emotions. And one who sexually abuses a girl... Should be hanged to death...

  • Increasing crimes against the Girl Child.

    Girls are not safe at all in today's society.Girls as young as 5 are being gang raped in India. They are not given equal rights. Government does not have any strict laws to promote the safety of the girl child. Crimes against women are increasing more and more in such countries.

  • Female children at risk of society judgement.

    Many females children are the most common gender that are judge by everything. How they look, how they act and even who they are. Society is always judging females on everything. Media is always pertraying a way a female should look, what they should wear. Females feel the stress of having to look the way that society wants. Everyday the society's view on a women is changing and is making the females go crazy. Females begin to hate themeleves more and more, because they're not the way that the society wants them to be.

  • NO. Television and social media are responsible for this unexpected fact.

    Nowadays, there have been a lot of unnecessary news about sex. Teenagers are exposed to porn too frequently and there are a wide range of social media spreading about it every day. This can create a precedence in their mind, somehow make them feel obsessed by an ideal of sexual attack. This causes a lot of crimes involved in raping, gang attacking, so fort.
    I think that we need a total renew of media system to bring a positive thinking to adolescences as well as getting rid of the rubbish newspapers

  • Girls will never be safe.

    No matter what changes you make to society, and no matter what protections you personally implement, there will always be a$$holes who want to hurt your daughter - often in ways that they wouldn't try and hurt your son. You must always be on your guard and never let it slip for a millisecond, or else you'll regret it.

    Posted by: APB
  • Not Safe At All

    As a female myself, I have to take a male friend or a male cousin with me in order to go for a run, whether it be morning or noon. I have to check every 2 minutes if there is anyone behind me, while I am coming back from school. I have to wear "appropriate" clothes in order to "protect" myself. I have.......
    The list does not end. And I don't even know who to blame - the male gender or my father, who couldn't put another X chromosome next to the first one.

  • Something that never happened before cannot happen now as well

    Irrespective of the gender bias, in today's world girls aren't safe. This is not something new at all, this is something which has been going on down the lane ,for years together, the only difference now is that we rebel here and women are more literate these days and have the courage to voice themselves which is a fantastic move. We will have a healthy minded nation only when people start thinking and implementing safety measures, not only for the girl child, but for all the children

  • Female children are not so safe compared to males

    Let me tell you this thing -> Most of the people around here whom you meet are opportunists. They don't want to harm your girl child intentionally. But then, given a chance, they would at least want to try it out. As long as we as parents don't neglect our daughters even for a moment, the gild child should be comparatively safe. We need to bring up our sisters and daughters in such a way that they share all their opinion with parents or brothers who can act immediately

  • No children are

    I wish I could say otherwise having a two year old child of my own, but no, this isn't a safe society. This is a society with people that want to take advantage of females of all ages. This is a society that a noteworthy part of says "more guns will make this safer" and they're actually being serious. This society is terrifying.

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GeekiTheGreat says2013-04-24T18:50:04.787
I can't say anything, i do not have a daughter. But i don't think female children are safe. But neither are males. Males are exploited sexually almost as much as female children are, and to say that's not true is insensitive. Male children are being made to look at women as sex objects which is on healthy, as much as how female children are being made to think the only way to be happy and successful is to be a sex object. The question should not be whether female children are safe, but are children in general safe from our sex-oriented society?