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  • No. Religion is a joke.

    Religion by itself is stupid. The very definition of faith is belief in someing without evidence or proof. Raising a child in an environment where their natural logic is afflicted by religious bullshit is bad enough. Doesn't moving on to physical violence overstep a boundary? So, to say that circumcision or FGM is a religious right should require that the contender prove that there is a legitimate reason to perform the procedure. But, FGM is not an issue since there is no possibility of it happening in most countries without severe penalty of the parents. Of course, circumcision will not cease soon in the shitty gynocentric first world that only cares about women and feminism.

  • No, neither are male circumcisions

    If the person being circumcised has not approached a doctor of their own free will requesting that the circumcision be done, no one (parent, doctor, other family member) has the right to make that choice. It's disgusting that as adults we demand that our body belong to us but we don't allow our children's bodies to belong to them.

  • Female circumcisions should be illegal.

    Female circumcisions are barbaric and completely unnecessary. They should never be seen as a religious right, especially when they are performed on underage girls. If a girl makes the decision to have the procedure done after the age of 18, that is one thing, but this is being performed on helpless young girls.

  • No, this is barbaric.

    Any time the body is cut into, the health of the victim is compromised. When the normal body of a child is cut, both the physical and psychological health of the child are compromised, and the inherent right of the child to its own body has been violated. Cutting children’s normal bodies to satisfy the personal, cultural, or religious bias of its parents is wrong, and no amount of belief or rhetoric can change that. Sometimes you have to think for yourself without any religious documents influencing you- what kind of person would let his daughter’s genitalia be cut?! That’s stupid. I’ve never heard of circumcising a delicate female prepuce and I think that it’s psychological harm would outweigh any potential “spiritual benefits”.

  • No, something that causes harm should

    No, Female circumcision should not be considered a religious right because it violates bodily integrity, one of the basic human rights. Unlike male circumcision (which I am also not Ok with), female circumcision causes more profound damage, both physiological and psychological. If they don't succumb to infection caused by the procedure, circumcised girls are later afraid to have sex and unable to enjoy it.

  • No, female circumcisions are not a religious right.

    Female circumcisions are barbaric and disfiguring. This type of mutilation is forced on women and girls in parts of the world and should be against international law. Protections need to be implemented for women who are at risk of having this done to them. It violates basic human rights and women's rights. There is no medical purpose for female circumcision.

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