Are female height and weight scales in the Army unfair to most?

  • Not all women have the same genetics

    We all come from different cultures. With that, a caucasian women who is 5'7 and 160 pds is not the standards for a Somoan woman who is also 5'7. They should have scales to accomidate the nationality. Being held under one general scale does not reallt make sense. Correct me if Im wrong though

  • Fitness is key.

    Look, being in the military is not easy work. Even if your not a forward combat unit, you could have to travel long distances on foot or have your position overrun by an enemy. Hypothetically, your at one end of a military base when you hear the air raid siren go off. If your out of shape, you are less likely to make it to the shelter in time. If you fall behind, others may have to go back and drag you. This means that not only might you not make it but they might die as well trying to haul your heavy backside to safety. Being to heavy also means that you are less able to help others to safety.
    From what I have read, the average weight of a military gear is 70-80 lbs, clearly having extra weight on your body won't make your pack any lighter. Same thing if your too thin. You can't lift as much because of less muscle mass/strength. Like it or not, there is good reason behind the height/weight requirements.

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