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  • Today's world would sometimes give that impression...

    The fact of the matter is, the school system has kind of been changed dramatically in the past few decades to cater more to female learners. This has been unintentionally at the expense of boys. Due to biological and sociological factors embedded in our society, we have tendencies in learning for boys and girls, much like we have tendencies in other regards.

    Since we have changed school to be more female status-quo oriented, boys are seeming to disengage from learning, when they are likely disengaging from a system that no longer really supports them. This may even out over time, but for now...

  • Sex does not determine academic engagement

    Academic engagement rarely has anything to do with sex. In the few areas of research that may indicate that females are more engaged, that may be due to social pressures, and not bound to the gender directly, but gender roles. Female students are just as likely to check their facebook on their phone as males.

  • I feel that it is equal.

    There is only opinion to this. Women will more than likely say yes to this. Men will most likely say no. I feel that all people are different regardless of gender. Maybe in certain classes the females will be more academically engaged, but in another class, the males may be more engaged with what is going on. It is all subjective and it all, of course, would have to deal with the environment and what is going on in the setting. But to say that one gender is more academically engaged than the other is wrong to me. I feel that it depends on the situation and I also think that the genders are generally equal.

  • No, it is individual

    It seems like it would be hard to make a claim that either males or females are more engaged academically than the other. It is more something you have to look at on an individual basis. Some people will be engaged while others will not. It would be hard to back up this claim with facts, because it is very subjective.

  • Female students are not typically more academically engaged than male students.

    Female students are not typically more academically engaged than male students. Although studies show that females mature faster than males and develop their cognitive functions faster, I think it is an unfair statement to say the females are more academically engaged in male students. In my experience males are at about the same level of academic engagement as are females.

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