• Women are very oppressed in US

    Women have fought their way into the same wage slave trap that lower class men have been in except that the women still have to raise kids and take care of the house. Unmarried women are "allowed" to wear as little as they want but they are still valued and judged for their ability to attract men. Women are still viewed as objects by many men and the world we live in does not reflect the views, values or culture of women. Yes, you didnt even notice that they were different, did you?

  • Lack of Role Model and Structure

    Western women are supposed to behave in a certain way and they have very little security blanket to fall back on . A woman growing up in a western country may become distracted and take up wrong life style and may find it very difficult to get out of it later , given that society gives her very little structure . In a Muslim country , the same girl would be under parental guidance and less likely to take up anti social behavior , become single mothers , more likely to learn useful skills , get educated and get married at the right time . This is true

  • Women are not "oppressed" they are objectified, and men are too

    BOTH women and men are protrayed in various ways in the media. But feminists like to think its only them. Even if woman are more often portrayed poorly, why should we only care about the women and not the men. Why not care about HUMANS portrayed poorly? And all those people in the magazines and stuff are paid to do so. So dont blame a woman in a bikini in a magazine on men. Men get all the blame today, for what? Being attracted to females?

  • Oppressed is a strong word for women in western culture.

    Are they objectified by our media? Yes. But this is not equal to being oppressed. In India, it was only recently decided that acid tossing, human trafficking, stalking, and voyeurism should be illegal. In certain countries, rape and the murder of women are still legal. As in, raping a women or even killing her will not create any legal issues. In parts of the world, women can be killed by their parents if they don't follow the religious beliefs of their parents. This is oppression. And what get's me so mad about all the social justice bloggers is that while objectification of women in North America is bad, and should stop, I've never seen a single one of them talk about problems for women overseas. Now, do not confuse my words for comparison. I do not mean to minimalism the issue of objectification of women in the media. I'm simply saying that do not claim this is "oppression", when women are experiencing the literal definition of oppression in other countries.

    And also, do not claim women are oppressed in countries that allow them to vote, serve in the army, get jobs same as men, wear whatever clothes they want to, marry and date whoever they want to, and can be allowed to live alone and raise children alone.

  • While I feel that women have an image imposed upon them, they are allowed to break the status quo.

    I think it should be easy enough to understand that women are not oppressed, which implies that they are not allowed equal rights, or are forced not to use them. One of the main issues that arise is how much free will does an individual actually have? We are influenced by our culture and environment, so we all must idolize and aspire to be slender babes and hunky jocks. Women and men alike, make their career choices and life decisions based on what they think they's enjoy. Despite anyone's circumstances, with the right amount of hardwork you can leave the bounds of the norm. Because of the unalienable rights we all share, women, I conclude, are not oppressed.

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leojm says2014-01-20T16:45:14.720
I would like to see peoples comments, or votes. Frankly I like to go out to the beach with my bikini and sunglasses. And just summer wear a tank top and short tight jean shorts. What's wrong with that. It's hot in the summer for gods sake.